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Why Upgrade to Magento Enterprise Edition

Most eCommerce shop owners would agree that many of their business decisions are made based on improving the customer experience. From the platform the site is developed on to the features that are added on top. The customer experience reigns on both ends of the spectrum. Magento Community Edition (CE) is a great framework for most small or medium-sized businesses, but larger shops often upgrade to Magento Enterprise Edition (EE). The main reason being: improve the customer experience even more.

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Meet InteractOne at Magento Imagine Commerce 2016

InteractOne is excited to be attending the Magento Imagine Commerce 2016! Every year since 2010, Magento has hosted the Magento Imagine conference with the goal of bringing together the entire community to celebrate, learn and inspire one another.

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Importance of Magento Version Upgrades

Many people don’t consider the need or necessity to upgrade software versions once an initial package is installed and running. Many think that once they’ve got their software setup and tweaked just the way they want (or especially once they’ve added several customizations) that an upgrade might then somehow “break” or undo all of the special changes, settings, edits and customizations on which they’ve spent countless hours getting just right. Why would anyone want to then go and “mess things up”?

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Improve Magento Performance By Upgrading to PHP7

PHP7 is here and our developers noticed some impressive speed improvements right off the bat. It’s important to keep your Magento server up-to-date for security and performance, but we recommend upgrading to PHP7 for noticeable Magento performance improvements. After some benchmark testing, we noticed a 70% decrease in page load time and 30% less memory consumption across the board on a base installation of Magento 1.9.

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The Reality of Magento 2 Migration: Is Your Shop Ready?

Magento 2 was released during Q4 of 2015, starting the next era of Magento within the eCommerce space. Originally announced in 2010, Magento 2 has been long awaited by shop owners who are now left with a number of decisions to make regarding the new platform. Among the most important decisions are whether a shop should make the jump to Magento 2 and, if so, when.

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Magento Security Patch: SUPEE-7405

SUPEE-7405’s most important fix is that it blocks hackers from breaking into your admin and taking over your store. Clearly SUPEE-7405 is critical to have installed. Developers should estimate around 3-4 hours to install the patch locally, test and fix, push to dev, allow the client to test, and then deploy to production. However, below is a list of changes that may arise after SUPEE-7405 is applied. These will need to be evaluated on a site-by-site basis, depending on the extensions you have installed.

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