Magento Enterprise Edition: Fully Loaded with Powerful Tools

Magento Enterprise was created for merchants who require the ability to handle large sales volumes and large catalogs. It is equipped with advanced marketing and segmentation tools, a PCI compliant code base, and full page caching. Magento Enterprise comes fully loaded with powerful business tools and features not available in the Community edition. 

Better User Experience

Engaging shopping experiences with personalized content, layered searches and navigation, built in responsive designs, streamlined checkouts, and superior content management.

Customer Benefits

New customer loyalty programs that include rewards points, in-store credit functions, gift registries and wish lists, gift cards, and recurring and bulk orders.

It works fast

Fast deployments that incorporate customizable platforms, seamless integrations, complete design control, flexible deployment options, and a global partner network.

Extra Support

Dedicated support with account management and security support.

What about modifying Community Edition to work like Enterprise Edition?

Nope. Just don’t. 

We’ll be honest. It is possible to add a lot of the enterprise features to the community version through extensions and custom development BUT, the resources it will take to create, develop, and modify your Community site will far outweigh the cost of purchasing Enterprise Edition.

Why build your Magento Enterprise Website with InteractOne?

Other than being a genuinely awesome group of people, we are USA based on-shore development with an in-house project management team. We are recognized in the industry as Magento Enterprise Partners capable of complex integrations and untangling hard-to-find code problems. For quick results and the ability to adjust goals on the fly, we use the agile development process. Notably, we only develop in secure and redundant environments with version control. Most importantly, we specialize in building scalable stable Magento code, with no “core hacks.” Join our list of brilliant clients whose revenues total more than $200 million.

Contact us today to learn more about what Magento Enterprise can do for your business.

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