Content Strategy for eCommerce and Magento

Create a Content Strategy that Works for Magento

Content strategy is about planning, creating, maintaining text, graphics and video to reach and engage your customers. A well planned content strategy is crucial to any company’s search ranking and marketing efforts. Changes in marketing best practices via social media, mixed with the demand to be new and different, companies need to stay creative to be successful. With ever changing marketing best practices via social media and the demand to be new and different, merchants need to be creative to be successful.

Your landing pages need to have relevant content that entices visitors to stay on your site and explore what you have to offer. Many Magento merchants treat landing page content like product descriptions. We’ve seen that merchants can increase click through rates by creating a strategy specific to non-catalog landing pages.

Catalog Content

Product and category page content needs to be easy to read and captivating. No matter where customers are in their buying funnel, they want to feel secure that they are working with a trustworthy and reputable company. The content you present on your catalog pages, and how you present it, is how customers will perceive your company.


Your website is a place to “show”, not just “tell.” We highly recommend the liberal use of photos, illustrations, graphics, and other visual elements to add interest and clarity to your site. Just make that you have the right to use them and ensure they’re optimized for page load speed.


The Internet makes new types of media available every day. Streaming audio and video, animation and interactive elements all add visual interest and help you direct the visitor’s attention to your core message or product.

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    InteractOne will work with you to develop a site content strategy that works for you, within the confines of your budget and goals. We provide professional direction for your copy by either writing it for you, or working with you to edit your information into tight and content. We’ll help you take maximum advantage of available multimedia technology to achieve the goals of your website.