Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising That Brings Customers To You

Paid advertising often takes a back seat to the technical activity of building and maintaining a Magento store. While there are important technical aspects to of your eCommerce Magento site, what drives success is a thorough understanding of your customers’ purchasing behavior. We offer the insight provided by decades of business experience, consumer and retail marketing expertise and the most current technical know-how available.


Paid Search

Paid Search or Pay-per-click is the fastest way to efficiently drive targeted traffic to your website. With paid search, you are attracting people who are already searching for your product or service. We start with our Key Phrase Analysis. The  Analysis is based on your current site traffic and competitive strategies to create hard-hitting, effective Paid Search ads and landing pages. More importantly, we provide reporting to you along the way and work to optimize based on your goals.

  • Set your own price-per-click and pay only when a customer clicks through to your site.
  • Offers the highest ROI when compared to e-mail, banners and other forms of online advertising.


Product Listing Ads

PLAs are campaigns for specific products on your website, listed in search engine shopping results, often along with an image the product.

  • Generated using a product feed from your website, submitted to the search engines.
  • InteractOne will implement a strategy for your Magento product feeds based on your goals
  • Optimized product feeds improve click through rates, cost per click, and conversion rates.

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    Remarketing isn’t just for “big data” players. When a targeted prospect or customer leaves your website, remarketing displays your ad on other sites the prospect visits after they have left your site.

    • Drives prospects and customers back to your site
    • Reduces shopping cart abandonment
    • Provides better audience segmentation, while building brand awareness.


    Social Media

    Social Media platforms have become powerful and efficient venues allowing marketers to engage with users of these applications. InteractOne has the skillset and experience to help you determine the right mix of Social Media Advertising and implement a successful program.


    Analytics, Reporting, and Program Optimization

    Continued monitoring and reporting of your online marketing results are essential to their viability. InteractOne implements analytics tools based on your goals and provides critical mid-course adjustments to ensure your investment pays dividends with increased traffic and conversions.



    Google Adwords Certified

    Google bestows a professional certification on individuals who have demonstrated a knowledge and mastery of the advanced aspects of Google Adwords. The team at InteractOne features a number of members who have earned this Adwords certification and are recognized as experts in online advertising. InteractOne has the knowledge to build and maintain a Google campaign that will connect your business with the real and relevant audience you’re searching for.