Webinar from InteractOne, Migrating to Magento 2: Procedures, Practice and Pitfalls. InteractOne’s President and CEO, Brian Dwyer discusses what’s new in Magento 2 and plans for making the migration work.  Ryan Street, one of four global trainers for Magento U discusses the migration process with tips for creating a migration plan, testing the migration and finally performing the migration via live demo. In addition, Ryan covers some best-practice examples, case studies and obstacles to avoid.

Watch below the presentation with InteractOne’s CEO and President, Brian Dwyer and Magento U Trainer Ryan Street.

There were questions we missed and did not get to during the presentation. We would like to address those here.

1. Can you expand on how Magento 2 is 52% faster when adding to cart?

InteractOne: “Magento has made many code and database improvements in order to enhance performance for Magento 2.  Please refer to the webinar recording below for additional information on performance.”

2. A good chunk of the data that would need to be migrated over include product content, customer information and order information.  Can we simply export product and customer information from our instance of Magento 1 and import it into Magento 2?

InteractOne: “Using the data migration tool will almost certainly be easier than exporting / importing from Magento 1 to Magento 2.  Exporting / Importing is a very laborious and tedious task plus there is no good way to handle incremental updates…hence Magento providing the data migration tool.”


3. Will the soap and xmlrpc apis change in Magento 2?

InteractOne: “Yes the soap and xmlrpc apis change in Magento 2. The new APIs are also more efficient, making it possible to return all the data associated with a business object (such as customer, order, etc.) in one call.  And ‘integration-style’ APIs can create-update-delete-retrieve data based on fields common to Magento and external systems in one call, which is a more efficient way to integrate with external systems.”


4. Is it easier to just export products and customers since extensions won’t come over anyway.

InteractOne:: “The data migration tool is certainly easier to use that trying to export/import the customer and order data.  The Magento 2 extensions will need to be migrated separately.”


5. What is Magento 2’s current status? Is it ready for production now?

Ryan Street: “Magento claims the first Magento 2 general release will be this quarter.”


6. When will the Magento 2 upgrade be launched?

Ryan Street: “The Magento 2 upgrade will be launched in 4th quarter.  That’s this quarter.”


7. Will Magento 2 still sync with MicroBiz?

InteractOne: “Looks like MicroBiz is the provider of that connection so you will want to ask them when they will have an updated version of their connector for Magento 2.”

8. Are there any user manuals/videos for Magento 2 for more instructions?

 Ryan Street: “Right now, there are some Magento 2 developer videos/manuals available through Magento, but no user guide videos currently. There will be user manuals coming 1st quarter.”


We were so pleased that Ryan Street came out to teach us and co-host our webinar, Migrating to Magento 2: Procedures, Practices and Pitfalls. With so many questions and concerns over Magento 2, we hope we were able to bring some piece of mind and knowledge to business owners and developers.