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Local Web Developer Makes Foray Into Big-League E-Commerce

Local web developer InteractOne recently announced it has qualified as enterprise-level partner and certified developer with Magento, an elite e-commerce package. As a Magento Certified Developer, InteractOne can market and promote itself as a Magento Enterprise Partner to pursue and capture the growing market demand for Magento.

InteractOne, located in Blue Ash, Ohio, is one of the region’s largest developers of websites for small and medium-sized business. Magento, developed by Varien, Inc., is the fastest-growing open source e-commerce software, with more than 750,000 downloads.

Unlike the open source (free) version, Magento Enterprise is fee-based for businesses requiring a high level of support and sophisticated e-commerce features.

As a Magento Enterprise Partner, InteractOne receives support and backing from Varien in pursuing new business only available to partners focused on and committed to the Enterprise Edition.

“This opens doors for InteractOne to the larger e-commerce clients that may have been out of reach for us in the past,” said InteractOne President Brian Dwyer. “We have had the programming talent in place for some time, but Magento Enterprise puts a market-recognized tool in our hands.”

InteractOne has provided web development and Internet services to medium and small business since 1998. As the world goes online, we’ve helped many companies develop and establish very successful internet strategies, websites, and e-commerce sites. We focus on providing in-person, one-to-one service to businesses and organizations and are committed to ensuring that our clients receive careful attention and the highest quality when we plan, develop, design, and construct a website. Helping our clients succeed on the Internet is InteractOne’s primary objective. More information can be found at

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