Imagine for moment that you’ve decided to open a brick and mortar retail shop. Consider the steps that you would take in order to launch the store and drive new sales. Initiating a Magento shopping cart is in many ways the same.  You must develop:

  • A target market
  • Branding – logo and message
  • Product mix (inventory)
  • Pricing
  • Promotion

Magento is the world’s most powerful eCommerce platform. It is a highly flexible and feature-rich system, helping online retailers specifically tailor their branding, product mix, pricing and promotion to suit their target market.

A problem that many Magento site owners run into is that they don’t fully understand the true potential and complexity of Magento’s selling tools.  Magento’s administration interface is versatile and powerful and it maintains a relatively steep learning curve with little in the way of formalized training resources. As a result, Magento site owners don’t take full advantage of the available tools, often to the site’s detriment.

This is why InteractOne offers easy-to-understand product support and training for Magento store owners.  Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced Magento administrator, we can help you fully understand and take advantage of Magento’s powerful selling tools. Together with those tools, you can leverage your knowledge into a thriving eCommerce site.

Trust the Magento Shopping Cart Experts

As Magento’s second oldest partner, we have an in-house team of Magento certified developers and front end programmers to bring your website vision to life. We’re so good that we are one of Magento’s four worldwide development trainers. We have PMI-certified Project Professionals on staff to help ensure that your site development runs smoothly. Site support stays on-shore as well. If you need help, your call is handled by a representative in our Ohio office. Do you need marketing assistance promoting your site? We offer a full range of Internet marketing services.

Contact the experts at InteractOne for more information about a Magento shopping cart or Magento training by clicking here or calling 513.437.2983.

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