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Magento 2.3: What to Expect and When

Magento 2.3 is anticipated to make an even bigger splash than 2.2, which focused mostly on smaller bug fixes and refinements. The update promises a mix of new core features paired with smaller optimizations and back-end efficiencies. These are the expected features we’re most excited to see from Magento 2.3.

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Our Thoughts on the Evolution of Magento 2

It’s no secret that feelings about Magento 2 range from utter delight to hair-pulling frustration. It can be downright confusing. Should you upgrade? Should you get off Magento? While the answers to those questions are always on a case to case basis, we thought we would share our perspective on the topic.

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Signs Your eCommerce Technology Needs an Upgrade

If your eCommerce technology is old, you might see warning signs like poor support for the platform, unavailability of extensions or modules, or slow page load. Less obvious are the signs that result from business growth, not from technical obsolescence. Here are 4 signs that you have outdated eCommerce technology.

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