Magento Case Study: Graeter’s Ice Cream

New Custom Magento Site

Based in Cincinnati, Graeter’s began selling ice cream in 1870 and now operates nearly 50 retail locations in Ohio and across the US. Graeter’s has also expanded its brand to grocery store distribution and online sales. To maximize their customer’s online experience, Graeter’s envisioned a super-premium site to match their super-premium product.

The Challenge

Graeter’s needed a new site that not only drove online sales but also promoted their brick and mortar locations. Having worked with InteractOne on their previous site, Graeter’s came to the table with a well devised and stunning design plan that just needed the Magento “nuts” and “bolts” behind it to bring the site to life.

InteractOne was tasked with building a new, totally responsive website that created a fun and interactive user experience.

Our Solution

Like each Magento project undertaken by InteractOne, Graeter’s build out began with an extensive Feature Exploration Process. This comprehensive effort ensures that priorities and requirements are fully outlined – avoiding surprises and optimizing turnaround times.

Special features Graeter’s was looking to include were:

  • Content and branding to match the Graeter’s design
  • A fully “shopable” site
  • A revamped checkout process
  • Responsive design
  • Location sensitive, tailored with individualized maps and offers
  • Optimized for speed
  • Specialized “Create your own 6 pack” feature
InteractOne programmed and integrated several unique features as part of the build out, including:

  • Custom Magento coding/design
  • Extension integrations
  • Product grids
  • Menu drop down adaptions
  • Custom logic for shipping
  • One of a kind “Create your own 6 pack” tool

The Results

Mobile online sales and traffic for Graeter’s has grown steadily since the launch of the responsive site a month ago. The company has experienced gains in key results:

  • 25% increase in Mobile Traffic
  • 74% growth in Mobile Sales
  • 519% growth in Organic Google Searches (SEO)

Notably, comparing last month in 2015 to the same month in 2014, Graeter’s has experienced the following results:

  • 48% growth in Revenue
  • 30% growth in Ecommerce Conversions rates
  • 39% growth in Transactions
  • 7% growth in Average Order Value

Additional business gains resulting from the build out project include a beautiful branded site that’s fun, interactive and personalized for their customers.

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