More Conversions and Organic Traffic for Sanibel Island Inn

Established in 1895, Island Inn began as the home of Will and Harriet Matthews who traded the harsher climate of the north for the more temperate, year round weather of Sanibel Island. After years of entertaining friends and family, the Matthews decided to turn their home into a boarding house. From this grew the gracious tradition of the historic Island Inn that now hosts families and friends from around the world.

The Challenge:

  • Outdated site design and cluttered user interface
  • Increasing use of third party booking agents instead of direct bookings
  • Dwindling organic traffic
  • Confusing navigation
  • Overuse of calls to action
  • Over-customized WordPress install that couldn’t be updated

Our Solution:

  • Custom Responsive Website on WordPress
  • Improved reservation engine with new design and booking process.
  • Simplified site navigation and clearer call to action to improve the user experience.
  • Displayed guest reviews more prominently to give potential guests more confidence to book on the site.
  • Custom Interactive Grounds Map for guests to explore and learn about the resort.

We started by cleaning out wasteful ad spend and performed negative keyword research on the account. Then we optimized the keyword match settings and targeted the budget to geographical locations where most of Island Inn’s customers reside. The results are drastic – Island Inn was able to cut their pay-per-click customer acquisition cost by over 50% in just four months! We are excited to see what we can do for them over the next few years.

The Results:

  • On-site conversions are up 63% year to date!
  • Average Time on Page is up 47%
  • Site Exit Rate is down 27%
  • The path to conversion is shorter, so Pages Per Session is down 21%
  • Organic traffic is up 48% due to the new mobile-friendly design, easier navigation and more friendly user experience.