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Versa Valves

Transforming Versa Valve’s Digital Presence

Versa Valves

History and Summary of Versa Valves

With over 70 years of experience, Versa Valves is a leading authority in valve automation and fluid power solutions. Specializing in designing, manufacturing, and delivering valves and accessories to precise specifications, they offer unmatched quality and a 10-year warranty. Their commitment to excellence shines through unparalleled quality, boasting unmatched flow rates, rigorous product testing, and an unprecedented 10-year warranty. With a catalog of over 75,000 parts, all assembled in Paramus, NJ, USA, they ensure quick access to the right valves through a responsive sales team and global distribution network. Committed to customer satisfaction, 90% of orders ship within 1-5 days with a 99% on-time delivery rate. Their mission is to deliver long-lasting products and exceptional service.

The Challenge

Versa Products encountered critical challenges concerning their website, Magento and Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) system, necessitating immediate attention to bolster operational security, efficiency, and user experience. Firstly, the reliance on an outdated version of Magento exposed the website to serious security vulnerabilities because it lacked essential patches. This made the store vulnerable to potential attacks and breaches. Upgrading to the latest supported Magento version was crucial. However, the process was challenging and risky because transitioning from the old version to the new one involved complexity.

Moreover, disparities between the code repository and production server made it hard to deploy updates smoothly. To fix this, a master branch rebase was necessary. Furthermore, the mismanagement of 3rd party extensions via the code repository rather than Composer posed risks of compatibility issues and security breaches.

In addition, Versa was dissatisfied with a previous developer’s inability to provide timely resolutions and apparent incompetence in problem-solving. This bad experience emphasized the need to quickly deal with the technical problems mentioned to strengthen Versa’s digital infrastructure and restore confidence in its online operations.

Our Solution

To tackle these challenges, InteractOne initiated the project by establishing a solid foundation. This involved setting up a new development environment for the upgrade project, resyncing the existing staging development environment, and resetting the Bitbucket repository. With everything now organized, InteractOne ensured optimal conditions for the upgrade process. Starting with the development space allowed them to identify and fix existing problems without slowing down the upgrade.

With this groundwork in place, the team was well-prepared to navigate the complexities of the upgrade seamlessly. The meticulous setup and organization proved instrumental in facilitating the efficiency of the entire project. By addressing potential issues upfront, InteractOne was positioned to execute the upgrade with precision and confidence.

Initiating the upgrade from the development environment enabled the team to identify and rectify any preexisting issues without impeding the project’s momentum. This strategic approach allowed for a smooth progression, ensuring the upgrade proceeded without interruption while addressing underlying concerns.

Versa Valves Epicor Magento Case Study Mockup

The Results

Despite the complexities involved, InteractOne successfully completed the upgrade project within the set 3-month timeframe and under budget by 30%. The strategic approach to setting up the development environment enabled smooth progression through the upgrade process. Implementing and customizing Epicor requires significant technical knowledge. Even post-implementation, continual testing and adjustments are needed whenever Epicor undergoes upgrades, requiring ongoing effort. Versa Valves was thrilled with the smooth and top-notch execution of the Magento and Epicor upgrade project. They opted to have InteractOne handle ongoing maintenance and support for the production environment, solidifying their trust in our partnership.

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