Are you ready for your Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration?

Magento 2.0 was released during Q4 of 2015, starting the next era of Magento within the eCommerce space. Originally announced in 2010, M2 has been long awaited by shop owners who are now left with a number of decisions to make regarding the new platform. Most importantly, is when a shop should make the jump to M2.

Ready to start your Magento 2.0 Migration?

We love Magento 2 and all it has to offer. It’s faster, more secure, and includes an improved customization process just to name a few.  The all-new platform solves many of the scalability and swatch display limitations inherent in the current platform and Magento 2 extension developers are busy updating their code to fit the new Magento 2 API. Merchants with simple, unextended installations can upgrade now.

Choosing to migrate to M2 is a great idea for your eCommerce business. Like any crucial, complex technological decision, it is best to approach the decision well-armed with information and confident in your partner. Having launched many Magento sites, we know the common elements of what creates the most successful Magento migrations.

Watch our webinar below where we discuss the features of M2 with Ryan Street as well as a live demo of Ryan using the data migration tool. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our webinar series on how to build an M2 extension.

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WEBINAR: Migrating to M2: Procedures, Practices and Pitfalls

FEATURING: Ryan Street, one of four global trainers for Magento U

Watch our webinar featuring InteractOne’s President and CEO, Brian Dwyer discusses what’s new in Magento 2 and plans for making the migration work. Ryan Street, one of four global trainers for Magento U discusses the migration process with tips for creating a migration plan, testing the migration and finally performing the migration via live demo. In addition, Ryan covers some best-practice examples, case studies and obstacles to avoid.

WHITE PAPER: Migrating to M2: What They Don’t Tell You.

In preparation for M2, Magento published a series of migration guides to help the community learn how to migrate from M1 to the new platform. While the M2 migration guide and plan are very helpful, those guides focus on what Magento was able to automate: transferring data. Orders, products, customers, promotions, etc can be easily transferred from M1 to M2 without issue, but the same cannot be said about the M1 theme and custom module/extension files. It’s important to plan how the entire M1 site (themes, custom modules, media, etc) can handle the Magento 2 migration. 

Written by interactOne Magento Certified Backend Programmer, Brad Leslie. Brad examines the details left out of the Magento 2 migration guide and plans including migrating Magento 1 themes, custom modules /extensions, media, and ACLs data.