WordPress is the Content King

The World’s #1 Content Management System

Highly stylized, cutting edge & perfect for content

WordPress may have originated as a simple blogging tool but the platform has evolved into a potent Content Management System (CMS), a powerful website host and a flexible eCommerce hub. The Open-Source platform gives businesses the templates, access, security and customization templates needed to build robust and engaging websites.

Using the WordPress platform, our team is able to build content rich engaging websites that are easy to manage and lower cost than many other solutions. We do this by leveraging premium WordPress templates customized by our design team to match your brand.

InteractOne’s WordPress Services:

  • New Site Builds
  • Maintenance and Support

WordPress is a great platform for businesses needing to feature content and or cutting edge design.

We typically recommend WordPress for solving the following business needs:

  • Content rich sites – ie. hundreds of blogs, case studies, help guides, brand pages, etc
  • Brand feature site – highly stylized, cutting edge design
  • Brand / content site selling a few items (small catalog)

Full SEO Optimization on Day 1

If your website isn’t Search Engine Optimized then you might as well not have a website at all. Every website launched today is built with SEO in mind. But WordPress makes that task much easier. Every WordPress site is default SEO Optimized as the structure of the platform itself is already acknowledged by search engines. In addition, there are numerous plugins available to further optimize your onsite SEO to increase your ranking and SEO success.

No better content host than WordPress

WordPress isn’t just the most popular CMS on the market, it’s the most popular by a wide margin. Nearly 60% of all websites use WordPress as their content management system. The robust CMS, free licensing and fast page loads make WordPress ideal for any brand that’s content heavy. For example: Online courses – WordPress makes it ideal to host online courses content and sell memberships and access.

Reasons to utilize to WordPress:

  • Advanced features, flexibility and open source allows for custom solutions
  • More than 60,000 available plugins – lowering the cost of building a feature rich website
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mobile friendly
  • Safe & Secure – new security plugins and updates are continually released
  • The World’s leading content hosting platform
  • Fast page loads
  • Low cost – perfect for teams on a budget – Budget friendly licensing (Free)

WordPress Experience

Island Inn

Island Inn started to experience an increase in competition from third party booking websites. In addition, increased marketing efforts by competitor hotels decreased Island Inn click through rates, and increased the average cost per click. Notably, local competition started mimicking Island Inn’s local and digital marketing strategies. Island Inn needed a marketing strategy designed to spotlight their most unique features in order to convert pageviews into bookings.

With better event tracking on their WordPress site, the Island Inn is primed for success.

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