A Transformational Epicor Connector

Connect Epicor to your Adobe Commerce store like never before!

We weren’t satisfied with the available Epicor/Adobe Connectors, so we built something better:

  • Flexible Middlewear
  • Scalable & Customizable
  • Low total/initial cost of ownership
  • Support multiple types of integration – application, data and B2B
  • No coding required – manage without Dev team

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The Epicor Connector

Flexible & Scalable Middleware

The Epicor connector is an incredibly transformational tool, providing flexibility and scalability to organizations. It can be used as middleware to integrate data from disparate systems. This crucial capability of the Epicor connector enables businesses to transform their planning and production processes, offering a rich set of options that can be tailored according to specific needs and functions. Companies using this powerful technology benefit significantly as they make informed decisions informed due to clearer visibility into business processes. Furthermore, legacy systems are kept up-to-date thanks to the scalability offered by the Epicor connector.

Low Cost of Ownership

Our custom Epicor connector is not only low on total cost of ownership, but low in initial costs too. Not only are you able to save long-term with low monthly costs and no annual fees, the startup cost of purchasing the connector is incredibly low–allowing your business to save short-term as well! Investing in low cost solutions can make all the difference for a business. Get started today with our low cost Epicor connector and begin to feel the difference in your budget while still reaping all the benefits an Epicor connector can offer.

Customizable – Create Your Own Scenerios and Fields

The Epicor Connector is an indispensable tool for any eCommerce business looking to get ahead of the competition. Offering customizable scenarios and fields, businesses can personalize their integration process to suit their needs. With the power to choose between the different types of integration – application, data and B2B – businesses have unprecedented control over every aspect of their operations. The Epicor Connector truly offers customizable solutions tailored specifically towards your eCommerce venture!

No Coding Required!

The Epicor connector offers an easy-to-use interface that any member of your team can learn to manage with no coding or development experience necessary. With its intuitive design, you don’t need to spend days training a tech guru – anyone on your team will be up and running in no time. What’s more, since the connectors are easy to use and manage, you won’t have to pay out big money for continual maintenance or consulting fees. It’s easy as ever!

InteractOne Case Studies


Sporty’s chose InteractOne for maintenance and support services to resolve indexing performance issues as well as implementing features to enhance the site.


InteractOne was tasked with fixing their Magento 2 site; removing technical debt, including bugs, deployment and performance issues.


Shoe Sensation

InteractOne was tasked with upgrading an existing omni-channel website to provide a smoother user experience from start to finish.


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