Introducing: FitmentPro!

A Scalable, Customizable Automotive Aftermarket Platform specifically for Adobe Commerce

We weren’t satisfied with the available 3rd party Adobe Commerce (Magento ) automotive extensions, so we built something better:

  • Year/Make/Model Fitment Capabilities: This search function, powered by our custom code and database structure, will empower your customers to find the perfect part in record time. This feature includes all the admin tools (including import formats) you need to keep your catalog up to date.
  • Scalable: Built for big, our solution is ready to handle large data sets and power lookup for millions of parts records.
  • Customizable & Powerful: This is not an out-of-the-box $49.99 extension that you’ll cross your fingers on purchasing. We’ve built a powerful platform unique to the auto industry that is completely customizable to your inventory and fitment data.
  • Midwest Gearheads: Centrally located in Cincinnati, Ohio and with a passion for the automotive industry we have the experience, work ethic and the developmental chops to get the job done.

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Take your automotive brand to the next level. 

    Automotive Aftermarket by the Numbers

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    Retail Channel Outlets

    Billion US Market Size in 2022

    Scalability for Large Data

    Automotive sites often need the ability to match hundreds of thousands of parts for thousands of vehicles, requiring very large databases for housing all this information. As well they often require matching parts by several dimensions beyond make/model/year (for example: engine size, drivetrain and fitment notes).

    Our solution is built to scale so Adobe Commerce (Magento) can efficiently handle this data and still perform at top speed when serving the product catalog search results to customers.

    Installation Guide & Fitment Notes

    It’s not enough for your automotive customers to know that they have the correct part. They need to know more. They need to know how to install that part and, if there is any additional customization required. Our custom extension will provide your customers with an installation guide and fitment notes for every part in your catalog.

    Customized to Meet Your Needs

    A strength of Adobe web development is the variety of ways an application feature can be programmed. However, it’s not until the system architect understands the critical nature of each feature in relation to your business model can it be defined. An extensive series of interactions between your team and InteractOne will determine functionality needs and business goals for your Adobe site up-front. Experience tells us process is the most efficient way to build an eCommerce platform to serve a business for many years.

    Full Featured Admin Tools

    Our custom extension allows you to manually edit the fitment and fitment notes for each individual product in the Adobe Commerce (Magento) admin. As well we provide import tools so you can mass update your product catalog fitment.

    InteractOne by the Numbers

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    Fitment Video Case Study

    The Automotive Aftermarket

    Our automotive client’s original Volusion website was showing its age, lacking in mobile-friendly responsiveness, limited design and functionality. In this Case Study video we’ll be taking a deeper look at the features and functionality InteractOne brought to the client’s webstore.

    The client tasked InteractOne with migrating their Volusion site to Magento 2. A migration included a new responsive design with custom development of a vehicle parts lookup (year, make, model), lighting application guide and more. 

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    Client testimonials

    Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

    “I’ve had the opportunity to work with InteractOne on several projects over the years and we’ve re-engaged recently in a client/agency relationship. Their development work is outstanding and they’ve earned our trust on the marketing offerings as well. Great team to work with in the eCommerce space.”

    -John Noone, President. Medals of America 

    “We have been working with the InteractOne team for over a decade now and I believe that speaks volumes. In the ever-evolving areas of eCommerce, website development and internet marketing, having a dedicated partner that can be relied upon to provide superior service on both a technical and personal level has been a major contributing factor to the growth and success of our business.”

    -Chris Davison. Island Inn Sanibel 

    “Thank you so much for our Magento 2 migration. It was one of the most seamless software migrations I’ve experienced in my career. Now we have a beautiful site and are extremely happy with everything, I’m so happy our paths crossed.”

    -Petro Wood, CFO. Allvus LLC, dba Sam Villa 

    “I found Interactone after a terrible experience with the Web Developer who built and launched our Magento website. What a difference it makes to connect with a team of people that know what they are doing. I’ve been unable to give them a task they cannot handle. Interactone has far exceeded our expectations and has helped our website gain the traction and stability it needed. It is rare to find a website development agency with such professional consistency – they are a valued partner to our business!”

    -Jerry Bergquist, Director of eCommerce. Block Midland, Inc (formerly Block and Company, Inc.) 

    “InteractOne has been nothing short of absolutely exceptional to work with on our (new eCommerce website) project.”

    -John Flynn, eCommerce Specialist. US Air Force Museum Foundation 

    “Thank you so much for the detailed notes. I am loving this team and all we are accomplishing for the Inn since working together! Thanks for you dedication to the account, we super appreciate it!”

    – Shelby Stites. Hillgate Marketing Services, Inc.

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