Shopify Case Study: Fior Anam

Shopify Migration

Fior Anam is a company based out of Bradenton, Florida that is dedicated to providing holistic, all-natural product alternatives for horses and their owners. The site migration from Magento to the Shopify SaaS platform gave Fior Anam a new and improved cleaner and leaner design that directly aligns with their brand.

The Challenge

After their previous site’s security was compromised, Fior Anam needed a new, secure site that they were able to easily operate and maintain at a lower total cost of ownership.

InteractOne recommended migrating the Fior Anam site to Shopify from Magento in a way that fit the company’s branding style and properly showcased their product offerings while simplifying the site design.

Our Solution

InteractOne was able to provide Fior Anam with an entirely new website that reflected their branding as one of the best holistic product options for horses. Rich content, video, and imagery was added throughout the site to support the Fior Anam growing product catalog. The refreshed UX/UI  also made the new site much more mobile-friendly, making it accessible to everyone that reaches the site regardless of device used. The new site design offered a better, more streamlined customer experience at a lower ongoing cost of ownership.

The Results

In addition to the new, improved site design, InteractOne successfully migrated all of Fior Anam’s content from Magento to Shopify, resulting in an entirely new site with a widely improved customer experience. The site was optimized to be much more mobile-friendly so that the experience was great for every visitor. In addition, the new rich content features give the Fior Anam site a new look and feel that still directly aligns with their branding.

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