Magento Case Study


InteractOne was tasked with improving load times, fixing broken elements and site-wide optimization



DualLiner, a truck bed liner manufacturer and truck accessory retailer, built a successful eCommerce business on the Magento platform. The proud-to-be American made manufacturer specializes in their patented interlocking 5-piece bed liner system – customized for each individual vehicle.

Our Services


  • Custom Magento Design & Development
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom Shipping Logic
  • Checkout Optimization
  • Personalized Location Information & Mapping


DualLiner came to InteractOne concerned performance issues were affecting user experience. Customers were experiencing double-digit page load times and mobile rendering issues. Mobile shoppers experienced broken images, missing tables, and shuffled copy.  In addition, DualLiner struggled to manage their previously installed optimizations and integrations, making daily management a chore.

Our Solution

InteractOne optimized  DualLiner’s content so the site would load properly on mobile with an improved mobile experience overall. The site was updated with a special focus on improved UX and clarity of navigation. We also resolved module conflicts and optimized their WordPress/Magento integration to make daily maintenance and future updates easier.


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