Merchandising Analysis

The Rebirth of Merchandising in Ecommerce

There are trained and experienced people designing and strategically planning the beautiful stimulating brick and mortar stores. Why are we not actively applying their methods to our eCommerce stores?

Do You Need a Merchandising Analysis?

Merchandising services from InteractOne are the evolution and integration of the disciplines of UX/UI, design, brand management and business strategy. Employing a solid merchandising strategy today – and understanding why this is different from marketing – gives you the advantage over your competition.


The purpose of our Merchandising Analysis is to become familiar with your company’s current processes, website, customer demographic, site traffic and conversion rate. Our approach to conversion rate optimization is more than just a website heat map. It’s also not an ad or a coupon idea. It is an all encompassing investigation into known issues and solutions to presenting your product range for maximum value and conversion.

Do any of these issues sound familiar?


Cart Abandonment

25% of people abandon shopping carts due to complicated website navigation.


Page Load Delays

64% Of online shoppers who are dissatisfied with their site visit will go somewhere else to shop next time.


Usability Issues

77% of visitors won’t scroll; they’ll just view the content above the fold.


Responsive Problems

46% of people using mobile devices report having problems viewing a static site.

Merchandising for eCommerce should be an interdisciplinary approach to improving your overall success.

A solid analysis should always be the first step. Through a detailed analysis, we get to know you and your business from a high level. This ensures we can provide a well-defined solution. Our process gives clients the ability to see how we work and ease into a relationship – without blindly committing to a large investment with negative results. Review below an example of what our Merchandising 360 Report will include:

Example Merchandising 360 Report
Competitive ResearchDefine and perform a review of competitors.Value Map with Perceived Quality
Device CompatibilityCompare current traffic and clients to usability.Screenshots vs. competitors.
Heat Maps DetectionRun heat map detection on top landing pages.Heat Map Screenshots
Analytics ReviewReview current traffic sources, usage data, client and browser types.Support Diagnosis Report
Site SpeedPerform site speed diagnosticsAverage page load times of major landing pages vs. competitors.
Crawl SimulationRun taxonomy and crawlability of the site.Crawl Report with site hindrances
Webmaster Tools ReviewReview crawl data, sitemaps and any website errors.Webmaster Report
Front End Code ReviewDiagnose any HTML/CSS/JS issues with the siteInsights Report
Site Marketing ReviewReview PPC, social and link building campaignsMarketing: Areas of Opportunity  Report
Merchandising ReviewInitial observations from overall usability and customer experience based on the data available.Overall Summary and Report with solution options

We offer Merchandising packages to analyze and diagnose primary areas of improvement with the option to provide treatment on a per client basis. Our recommendations are prioritized and based on your needs so you can budget in a way that makes sense for you.

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    Other reasons why shoppers abandon their shopping carts:

    • Website Crashed 24% 24%
    • checkout process took too long 21% 21%
    • Excessive payment security checks 18% 18%
    • Concerns about payment security 17% 17%
    • Website time out 15% 15%
    *Sources for statistics from Statista