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Lancer Cosmetics

Holiday Season Crunch! Correcting UX/UI Issues & Installing New Features  

Lancer Cosmetics

Adobe Commerce Update & Site Speed Improvement

Created in Beverly Hills but used and loved around the world, Lancer Cosmetics is a leader and trend-setter in the beauty and skincare industry. Dr. Harold Lancer founded the Lancer Dermatology Clinic in 1985 and successfully brought to life his philosophy of “From Practice To Product”. As his clinic grew in name and popularity, Dr. Lancer developed and launched a full range of award winning, at-home products that each individually simulate services provided to clients at the Lancer Dermatology Clinic in Beverly Hills. Over the last three decades, Dr. Lancer has successfully expanded the Lancer Skincare line and now serves customers worldwide with a variety of serums, creams, oils, masks and peels to address all skin concerns, regardless of skin type or ancestry via their Magento/Adobe Commerce web shop.

Jump right to their site and see it for yourself.

The Challenge

Lancer Cosmetics’ website was facing a whole host of problems. There were numerous UX/UI bugs that were hindering conversion on mobile, a poorly coded front-end theme was causing massive slowdowns and critical security patches were missing.

Lancer chose InteractOne to partner with to address these and other issues because of our deep and long Magento experience. We were brought in to fix these serious issues and install new site features, just in time for the 2021 holiday season. Post holidays (in the month of January 2022) our staff corrected a number of core hacks and fully upgraded the site.

Our Solution

Before the holiday season arrived, we addressed the most pressing site issues, the most concerning of which was that customers on mobile devices were receiving an ERROR message that was causing major conversion issues. There were also several additional UX/UI bugs and slow performance on mobile and desktop that were causing even more conversion problems. The UX/UI bugs were caused by poorly coded front-end customizations. We corrected those bugs and enabled admin functionality so that Lancer could control more of the UX/UI from the Magento/Adobe Commerce Admin.

    We identified that the security issues were being caused by their older version of Magento. The Lancer site was running on version 2.3.6 and we upgraded it to 2.4.2.

    With bugs, core hacks and security issues addressed, we turned to Lancer site functionality improvement wish list. The Lancer team wanted to expand their free promotional offerings available on the site. We enhanced the Free Gift with Purchase feature by empowering shoppers to choose between multiple free products and bundles to be added to their cart.

    We also worked to provide Lancer with the following:

    • Improved ERP integration by reworking the inventory tracking and ERP sync, lowering the chances of customers ordering any products that are out of stock.
    • Byond XR virtual shopping integration and sweepstakes program.
    • Content and promotion administration and automation.
    • Training and enablement in how to manage the site from the Magento admin.

    The Results

    The corrections and improvements that InteractOne provided immediate dividends as shown by these statistics:

    100% increase in conversion rate the first month we started working on the site compared to the prior month.

    The first 4 months since updates were installed: 

    • 14% lift in year over year ecommerce conversion
    • 12% increase in year over year unique purchases
    • 13% increase in year over year quantity of orders

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