Development Case Study: Little Zen Minds

BigCommerce Migration from Magento 1

Little Zen Minds is an online toy store specializing in boutique children’s educational toys. Via their BigCommerce merchant site, Little Zen Minds sells hundreds of items from board games to dolls and musical instruments.

The Challenge

With support for Magento’s hosted platform “Go” ending, Little Zen Minds decided to consider alternative eCommerce platforms well suited to SMBs. Based on that research, Little Zen Minds settled on BigCommerce as their new platform and sought help from InteractOne to assist in migrating their entire eCommerce website from Magento to BigCommerce.  

Our Solution

InteractOne successfully migrated Little Zen Minds from Magento to BigCommerce. While doing the migration, we developed several design customizations including product pricing filters, category layouts with content elements, and customized product pages. The new UX/UI changes included a fully responsive design (native to BigCommerce), as well as category and product page layout changes to make browsing a breeze for both mobile and desktop customers.  

The Results

With their new BigCommerce site, Little Zen Minds has the speed, flexibility and low cost of ownership of BigCommerce as well as a properly integrated custom design. Additionally, we were careful to use features that would allow the client to make the most changes and adjustments without involving a programmer. In the future, Little Zen Minds will be able to update and manage their store without fear of disabling features or weighing down the site. With a faster, cleaner design on the BigCommerce platform, Little Zen Minds is primed for success. If you are interested in learning more about how InteractOne can help with your product catalog issues, or optimize how you’re using BigCommerce, please contact us or call 513-469-3345.