Magento Case Study: Extend Nutrition

Legacy Migration to Magento

Extend Nutrition is a national brand providing delicious, high protein snacks that help to control blood sugar for as long as nine hours, catering to diabetics, health and fitness enthusiasts, and those seeking to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. Originally developed by a doctor in 2000, Extend Nutrition’s product line of bars, crisps, and shakes can now be found at many of the nation’s largest retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, Target, etc.

The Challenge

InteractOne was tasked with migrating Extend Nutrition from a legacy homegrown website to the Magento eCommerce platform.

Our Solution

Like each Magento project undertaken by InteractOne, developing Extend Nutrition’s new website began with an extensive Feature Exploration Process. This comprehensive effort ensures that priorities and requirements are fully outlined – avoiding surprises. A well-planned approach is the key to any Magento project.

The team at InteractOne focused on designing and building a new site that would effectively communicate Extend Nutrition’s branding while offering a rich but simple user experience and remove the barriers to conversion.

Key Project Highlights and Solutions Include:

  • Re-branded Magento website theme
  • Back-end ERP (enterprise resource planning) integration
  • Ability for customers to place recurring (auto-renew) orders
  • Migrate existing recurring profiles from legacy system
  • Robust infrastructure for dynamic CMS

The Results

InteractOne was able to successfully integrate the client’s needs with Magento eCommerce functionality to reflect the necessary updates while maintaining Extend Nutrition’s well-established branding. Key business gains resulting from the completed re-platform project include:

  • Significant increase in overall site traffic
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Marketing/promotion opportunities

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