Green Top LogoMagento Case Study: Green Top

Migration and Custom Design

Green Top Sporting Goods has operated its store in Ashland, Virginia since 1947. An NCR Counterpoint point-of-sale (POS) user, Green Top formerly used Counterpoint’s “CP Online” SAAS platform for eCommerce. Although the company’s brick-and-mortar location continued to expand its offerings, Green Top’s online product selection stayed largely the same, due to obstacles CP Online presented.

The Challenge

Green Top attempted to address some of their CP Online issues with custom programming, but abandoned the resulting utility because its administration was too involved.

“Managing content on the CP Online system was a chore,” explained Green Top Manager of Internet Sales, Charles G. Thalhimer III. “Adding items was inflexible. Grouping them or configuring them the way we wanted was an expensive and frustrating software engineering process. We could only import certain items into CPOnline that were housed in the POS.”

In addition, the company’s site was not mobile friendly, basically turning away an increasingly important source of revenue.

Recognizing that these costly business problems would only become more prevalent as competitors gained market share, Green Top came to InteractOne seeking a more flexible and manageable eCommerce solution.

Our Solution

Like each Magento project undertaken by InteractOne, Green Top’s re-platform began with an extensive Feature Exploration Process. This comprehensive effort ensures that priorities and requirements are fully outlined – avoiding surprises. A well-planned approach appealed to Green Top.

“We do things deliberately,” said Mr. Thalhimer. “We don’t like to backtrack. It was beneficial to us to map this out thoroughly and also to see what InteractOne had created for others.”

Green Top presented InteractOne with a unique set of requirements, including extension integrations and custom coding of admin controls, product grids and more.

While Green Top wanted to shed their inflexible CP Online system, they needed to retain their in-store Counterpoint POS system as the main hub for warehouse/fulfillment, inventory, CRM and order management activity.  InteractOne worked to integrate the two systems, so that critical customer, transaction and item information would pass seamlessly through theCounterpoint Magento Connector.

With the increasing importance of mobile and tablet shoppers, Interactone installed the site with an adaptive framework and design, paying careful attention to usability and menu format.

The Results

Because of the flexibility of the Magento CMS, Green Top was able to launch the new site with an expanded roster of categories and items. Despite having dozens of product categories, navigation on the site is easy to use both on desktop and mobile platforms.

“In the past, we were not able to merchandise the way we wanted to,” said Mr. Thalhimer. “For instance, grouping rods and reels is now relatively simple, using the attributes in Magento. We simply weren’t able to do it before. We have also been able to start selling apparel online, which we’re hoping will be a big growth area for us.”

Online sales for Green Top have grown steadily since the launch of the new mobile-friendly Magento site. The company has experienced year-over year gains in key results:

  • 150% growth in mobile sales
  • 52% increase in mobile traffic
  • 5% boost in overall sales
  • 20% improvement in cart abandonment

Additional business gains resulting from the re-platform project include:

  • Enhanced product visibility across affiliate networks.
  • Improved on-site search performance and relevance.
  • Increased front-end usability
  • Streamlined shipping process
  • Enabled swatch display per item
  • Item-based video capability
  • More effective social integration
  • Faster page and image load times
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