Magento Case Study: Medals of America

Magento 2 Site Build

In 1976, Medals of America was created by Army Veteran Colonel Frank Foster and his wife, Linda after repeated requests for shadow boxes from friends with Veteran relatives. Based on these requests, the Medals of America business model was initially built on shadow boxes alone, but soon grew to include t-shirts, hats, dog tags, tactical and range gear, and much more—including products from Nike, Under Armour, and New Era.

InteractOne’s all-new Magento 2 site design helped solve a host of performance-related issues that often led to high cart abandonment rates, giving Medals of America greater functionality and reliability, along with an improved path-to-purchase process.


The Challenge

Medal of America’s previous Magento 2 website was plagued with problems such as over customization and other coding issues that often led to their website crashing.

InteractOne recommended an entirely new Magento 2 website to Medals of America that resolved their performance issues by cleaning up the backend of the site and eliminating unnecessary extensions which slowed down the previous site.

Our Solution

InteractOne provided Medals of America with an all-new Magento 2 website that sported faster load times and no longer suffered from frequent crashes. Custom builders created by a previous developer for Medal’s ribbon products were cleaned up to load faster, dramatically increasing revenue from those products.

InteractOne also provided Medals of America with an easier-to-edit frontend by replacing their over-customized theme with a simpler one. To ensure that Medals of America employees were able to efficiently utilize the new site, InteractOne provided Magento training in conjunction with the site build.

The Results

InteractOne successfully provided Medals of America with a brand-new Magento 2 site that was much more functional and faster to load. Revenue on re-designed product pages increased as much as 62% from March to May 2019, not to mention that their average page load times dropped by more than double from May to June 2019. 

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