Magento Case Study: Post-Up Stand

Site Cleanup & Optimization

Post-Up Stand is an Ohio-based company that produces trade show displays, banner stands, and accessories to businesses across the United States. Their large-format printing services can accommodate most any business need with a guaranteed 48-hour turnaround. Post-Up Stand’s revamped website boasts better load speeds, an optimized UX, and improved shipping quotes.

The Challenge

Post-Up Stand came to InteractOne with a variety of website issues and bugs in the shopping and checkout experience that often resulted in inaccurate shipping quotes. Additionally, customers often experienced extremely long wait times when uploading their artwork, as well as generally slow page load times. Customer satisfaction was suffering, and Post-Up Stand was in jeopardy of losing long-time customers due to their website’s performance issues. Post-Up Stand tasked InteractOne with cleaning up their website from unnecessary extensions and code issues to enable a faster, improved user experience.

Our Solution

InteractOne resolved a variety of issues site-wide, starting with debugging Post-Up Stand’s catalog management and order fulfillment functions in order to improve the accuracy of their shipping quotes. InteractOne installed ShipperHQ, a leading storefront shipping management system to improve and streamline the shipping estimation function.
InteractOne’s efforts to resolve a number of performance issues—including removing broken installments in the code—tremendously improved Post-Up Stand’s website speed. The mobile UX was simplified and made more responsive by fixing the layered navigation that was previously broken and unusable. An upload progress feature was also added to the artwork upload portal that lets customers see where they are in their order process. Additionally, InteractOne resolved several issues with Post-Up Stand’s Google Analytics tracking so that their Google Tag manager and Adwords now correctly report site activity.

The Results

Post-Up Stand now has an up-to-date eCommerce website that loads faster than ever before. Their website more fully embodies their promise for an always reliable and quick experience, helping to ensure that they will be successful well into the future. Customers are noticing the improvements, as Post Up Stand has experienced both a 22% jump in transactions as well as an 18% increase in conversion rates since the site cleanup. If you are interested in building a Magento site or would like a quote for a new responsive Magento site design, please contact us or call 513-469-3345.