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Aladdin Temp-Rite

History and Summary of Aladdin Temp-Rite

The Aladdin name has been used on products for more than 100 years, starting with a superior kerosene lamp that gave off white light instead of a bunch of smoke. That ancestral company grew and popularized consumer-oriented lines of lunchboxes, stoves, and innovative vacuum thermoses and containers. The current company took shape officially in 1968, adding the Temp-Rite name in 1988, with increasing emphasis on the business to business (B2B) market through the success of its insulated tray and an array of meal service equipment lines.

The company was an early adopter of online B2B, working with InteractOne to build and launch their Magento 1 site in 2012.


Our Services

  • Custom Magento (Adobe Commerce) Design & Development
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom Shipping Logic
  • Checkout Optimization
  • Personalized Location Information & Mapping

The Challenge

In business and in life, things are always moving and changing.  While Magento 1 had been a great platform for Aladdin Temp-Rite to launch online B2B selling, Magento 1 had come to the end of its useful life since Magento had ended support for version 1 and recommended merchants migrate to version 2. As well, the old site was not mobile friendly and the design (UX/UI) was outdated. 

After 10 years and a completely changed eCommerce and business landscape, a rebuild was needed. 

The particular challenge with this project was ensuring a smooth data migration.  Since this site supports mostly B2B selling, all of the customer data, purchase records and catalog permissions needed to be seamlessly orchestrated to migrate to the new site when it was launched. This required a high level of attention to detail to ensure we had a confidence-inspiring plan and a tested process prior to the go-live data migration process.

Our Solution

Having worked with the Aladdin Temp-Rite team for many years, InteractOne was very familiar with the tailored needs of the company’s operations. Fortunately, updating them to Adobe Commerce 2.4.5 provided a strong base for the many custom B2B features we needed to build, including:

  • Customer application – Users must apply to become customers by way of a multi-stage application process Aladdin manages through the Adobe Commerce admin tools.
  • Catalog price permissions – Only specific customers are able to view pricing. The feature had to  include custom pricing, dependent on a group variable specific to the customer’s company.
  • Catalog buying permissions – Users are shown only approved items for purchase, based on their company group. 
  • Quote Request – Customers can request a quote on every product. The module assigns and alerts the correct salesperson, based on the customer’s location. These area definitions change occasionally, so we built them to be admin-selectable (not hard coded!)
  • Consultant Resource Center – This area is only available to users that belong to a specific customer group and contains many useful documents and information specifically for Aladdin consultants.


We employed extensions from Aheadworks, Xtento, Magefan, Mageplaza, Mageme and Firebear to help construct many of the custom modules.

Interactone built a custom, mobile-friendly theme based on the default Magento front-end code base. Because we avoided altering any core functionality when executing the design, the Aladdin Temp-Rite team can manage their front-end – building and modifying pages, adding elements and widgets, changing existing layouts – via the Adobe Commerce admin and the Page Builder tool.

After launch, Interactone provided training to the Aladdin Temp-Rite team on how to manage the catalog, custom module functions, quote requests, customers, orders, blogs and content pages all from the Adobe Commerce admin.

Aladdin tells us that customers have commented on how much they enjoy using the new and improved site. This has led to better engagement from customers – regardless of which device they are using.

Analytics results improved dramatically. 

Customer engagement and time on site has skyrocketed.

Year over year revenue is up by 16%

The new site loads much faster than the old site.

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