Magento Case Study: Fawn Shoppe

Updated UX/UI Design


Founded in 2012, Fawn Shoppe is an online boutique for children’s apparel and accessories. The boutique provides parents with timeless classics with up-to-date patterns, crisp cutting-edge designs, and top-quality pieces with a trendy feel. Fawn Shoppe took their core design values and incorporated them into their eCommerce Magento store.

The Challenge

The Fawn Shoppe site was operating on a non-responsive and highly customized theme built by a previous developer. The site was experiencing issues due to complicated and overwritten code that disabled Magento’s basic functionality. Due to the code issues, Fawn Shoppe administrators could not properly manage product filtering, categories, attributes or on-screen menu items via the Magento admin.

Fawn Shoppe tasked InteractOne with enhancing and updating the design of their site as well as upgrading Magento to resolve customization issues and restore basic functionality.

Our Solution

InteractOne successfully upgraded with a new custom theme that includes: infinite scroll integrated with separately-scrolling filters and a persistent header; retina-ready responsive code; a custom layout of the ‘my account’ section; a custom layout of the shopping cart and checkout pages; a color-switching header; and a custom search bar integrated into the header design.

The Fawn Shoppe upgrade included a custom design with a unique UX/UI focus. InteractOne was sensitive to Fawn Shoppe’s brand that provides high-end, design-oriented children’s clothing, furniture and accessories. We knew that attention to detail and an uncluttered design for Fawn Shoppe customers was critical to their business. Therefore, we ensured that our design details focused on superfluous elements that were then eliminated or hidden.

In addition, InteractOne didn’t just focus on visual design. We resolved error messages and focused on button and process description text to ensure the new site had a clean and consistent tone through every step of the user purchase path.

Through the discovery and upgrading process, our developers discovered many more features of Magento that had been disabled by previous developers. We successfully restored those issues while applying security patches and integrating updated extensions. We relied on trustworthy extensions from the best in the Magento Marketplace including: IWD – infinite AJAX scroll; uRapidFlow Pro; Mirasvit HelpDesk RMA; and RocketWeb Shopping feeds.

The Results

With their upgraded Magento site, Fawn Shoppe has the speed and flexibility of Magento as well as properly integrated custom development. InteractOne was careful to implement a mobile friendly design that focuses on improved UX including improved product filtering, navigation, search and a smooth customer purchase path.

The site administrators at Fawn Shoppe have time-saving recovery of administrative control of important aspects of the site including merchandising, inventory control, reporting, and updating Magento as needed.

In addition to the new site upgrade, Fawn Shoppe has tasked InteractOne with properly configuring the new site to meet SEO best practices and to enhance organic rankings for keyword phrases of importance to Fawn Shoppe.

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