Upgraded Site Design

High Tech Systems & Equipment

InteractOne was tasked with upgrading Magento as well as the overall site design.


High Tech Systems & Equipment

Upgraded Site Design

High Tech Systems & Equipment was established in 1983 just outside the city of Cincinnati. Initially, the company primarily sold and supported Industrial Temperature Sensors, Controllers, AC/DC Drives, and more. In the following years, their offerings expanded to include Plastic Extrusion Systems, PLC Based – Resin Blending and Convey Systems, Thermal Imaging Systems, Infrared Temperature Measurement, and Vision Technology.

Our Services


  • Custom Magento Design & Development
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom Shipping Logic
  • Checkout Optimization
  • Personalized Location Information & Mapping

The Challenge

Soon after becoming one of the first Magento Partners, InteractOne launched the htsei.com website for High Tech Systems and Equipment. Fast forward a few years and our client had grown and needed to add some new horsepower to their online offerings.

InteractOne was tasked with upgrading Magento as well as the overall site design.


Our Solution

Like each Magento project undertaken by InteractOne, developing High Tech Systems and Equipment’s new website began with an extensive Feature Exploration Process. This comprehensive effort ensures that priorities and requirements are fully outlined well in advance – avoiding any potentially costly surprises.

A well-planned approach is the key to any Magento project. The skilled team at InteractOne was able to easily upgrade the existing Magento store to the latest version of Magento, while providing an upgrade to a more contemporary site design. Most importantly, the InteractOne team was able to implement the much needed design and platform upgrades without any business interruptions to HTSEI.


Magento Website Design Case Study - High Tech Systems

The Results

Based on retail best practices, this long-time industrial supplier is experiencing improved conversion rates and a reduced shopping cart abandonment rate since the launch of their new Magento eCommerce site.

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During our work, products and prices did not change, and we still were able to increase revenue and average order value. Tarps Now’s team members are happy to see their vision become a reality, and are able to reinvest more funds back into company growth given the higher profitability found in organic traffic over PPC.

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