New Site Build: MATSonlineMagento Case Study: MATSonline

New Site Build offers a wide selection of custom-sized and pre-cut floor mats for any application, whether it be for commercial or home use. MATSonline was built as a business-to-consumer site that reaches customers and small businesses directly. With a core branding message of “simplicity,” needed a user-friendly, simple, and organized Magento website.

The Challenge

MATSonline needed assistance in properly building an additional B2C site on their existing Magento instance that reflected the design of their current B2B site: In addition, the merchant wanted to integrate bundle options with dynamic prices and images as well as facilitate a better consumer shopping experience by improving the organization of their product catalog. Further, the team at MATSonline lacked the ability to manage their catalog and content without the assistance of a developer. MATSonline tasked InteractOne with building a second site on their existing Magento instance that was equipped with bundle features, dynamic pricing and images, and an improved catalog structure that allowed for a better consumer shopping experience.  

Our Solution

InteractOne successfully constructed, a site created specifically with consumers in mind. The new site design reflects their already established brand while establishing a new identity for the consumer-facing eCommerce site. InteractOne upgraded the platform from Magento to to bring the client up to date with the latest version and security patches.
In addition to developing the site, InteractOne trained and set up tools and processes that allow the MATSonline team to efficiently manage their catalog as well as their CMS in-house. As part of this effort, InteractOne installed and trained MATSonline on uRapidflow, for better and more flexible management of product data imports and exports. The new website also includes several extensions. InteractOne installed and configured Xtento’s Order Export and Tracking Import modules to communicate with the client’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.  Ayasoftware’s Magento simple product pricing was also installed to show the dynamic simple product price on configurable products.

The Results

MATSonline’s new Magento site is visually appealing, easy to use, and above all else, user-friendly with a clean and simple design. The new site caters to the direct-to-consumer audience and allows for a much easier shopping experience in this largely industrial category.   In addition, the MATSonline team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to manage most aspects of their new site without involving a developer. Notably, the new MATSonline website is experiencing exceptional category and product page-load times. With their new and fast-loading website, MATSonline is primed for SEO success and eCommerce growth.
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