Magento Case Study: Modern Furnishings

New Site Design

Modern Furnishings offers an extensive selection of custom, modern, and contemporary home furnishings.  With their brick and mortar store in Laguna Beach, CA, the home furnishings retailer provides customers with a modern aesthetic but with traditional customer service. With a desire to distribute to customers worldwide, Modern Furnishings chose Magento for it’s powerful and scalable capabilities.

The Challenge

Modern Furnishings came to InteractOne needing assistance with several aspects of their Magento website. The site was operating on a 3rd party theme that had not been properly customized and did not effectively represent the Modern Furnishings brand. In addition, the site’s innate features had been broken due to improper coding practices from a previous developer which made it difficult for the staff to manage. The Modern Furnishings team was unable to manage their design as Magento intended. Put simply, the site was inflexible. The team lost the ability to essentially, “turn off” content that was no longer desired. They were also unable to manage the menu, navigation panes, or able to filter dynamically. The CMS display settings were also unable to be used to their fullest potential. Further, any Magento updates the team tried to implement conflicted with the 3rd party theme and other extensions because of improper coding practices from a previous inexperienced developer. Modern Furnishings tasked InteractOne with building a new custom design while restoring Magento’s built-in features.

Our Solution

InteractOne successfully restored many of Magento’s original controls in the admin that had been overwritten or defeated due to poor coding practices from a previous developer. Our developers worked to make sure site-wide content could easily be managed within the Magento admin (as is default within Magento), without involving a developer when future content changes are needed. We also provided extensive reference documentation on how to use restored admin functionality as part of our normal development process. The updated site included a product page re-design so that product configuration was more intuitive while unused page elements were eliminated. For example, an “Add to cart” button previously required the customer to scroll down the page. InteractOne re-packaged the product information in collapsing panels so that the “Add to cart” button moved up significantly on the page. Additional payment option extensions were installed to allow for added payment selections for customers including Apple Pay and Amazon Pay. Modern Furnishings was also hosting on an overly expensive platform that was not optimized to host Magento. The site is now being served by Nexcess, providing improved performance at an overall cost saving. Finally, InteractOne provided the Modern Furnishings team with training and support on CMS and catalog management. Training was particularly important, as the Modern Furnishings team previously needed a developer to accomplish nearly any task on the site. Modern Furnishings is now equipped with the ability to control the content and display of their website.

The Results

With their upgraded Magento site, Modern Furnishings has the speed and flexibility of Magento as well as properly integrated custom development. The updated website offers a modern design with a better display of product images and interior design work. The site offers a user-friendly interface strategically designed to increase conversions. In addition, the site administrators at Modern Furnishings have the time-saving recovery of administrative control of important aspects of the site including menu management, navigation panes, and CMS management.
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