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InteractOne was tasked with building a new, totally responsive
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Magento Enterprise Multi-Site Build

In 1932, KAL® and Thompson® were established as two of the first nutritional supplement providers in the United States. After the nutritional supplement industry experienced explosive growth, the two providers joined to create Nutraceutical Corporation in 1993. Nutraceutical now encompasses more than 65 brands and 7,500 products serving families around the world in approximately 60 countries.

Our Services


  • Custom Magento Design & Development
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom Shipping Logic
  • Checkout Optimization
  • Personalized Location Information & Mapping

The Challenge

With scores of sites running on one instance of Magento Enterprise, Nutraceutical needed a partner that could act as an internal resource: reviewing code, troubleshooting, updating and managing the deployment processes to ensure compatibility, quality and performance across all sites. In addition, Nutraceutical needed a Magento partner who could build multiple new sites while reviewing work submitted by other agencies and deploy that work to production.

The Solution

InteractOne successfully designed, coded and launched four new responsive websites for Nutraceutical:

These sites were integrated into Nutraceutical’s family of sites all hosted on one instance of Magento. In addition to creating the new sites with custom designs we worked to develop several custom features such as recurring payments integration with Freshbooks accounting software and a catalog ERP integration.  

In addition, InteractOne helps manage the production pipeline, performs code reviews and manages merges and deployment for all of the Nutraceutical Magento sites.


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