Magento Case Study

Sam Villa

InteractOne was tasked with migrating their M1 site to Magneto 2

& creating a fun and interactive user experience.

Sam Villa

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration 

Sam Villa is the hair stylist’s choice for online hair education and quality professional ergonomic tools. Discover tools made by a hairdresser, for hairdressers. Sam Villa also features and extensive online training video courses designed to build their community and connect with stylists worldwide.

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The Challenge

Sam Villa also had years worth of vital and original content that needed to be ported over to their new site as well, including Customer Reviews, Blogs & Training videos. In this Case Study video we’ll be taking a look at the work needed to migrate Sam Villa’s assets to a new site while also creating a better, more engaging customer experience.

The Results

Other noteworthy work we performed included managing the migration of Orders, Customers, Catalog and Gift Cards data. In addition, advanced search capabilities were implemented to allow customers to search both the catalog and blog articles from the main search area. Notably, we also assisted Tiger Fitness in their integration with Stone Edge warehouse management system and added optimization to ensure fast loading pages. Finally, we provided training to the team so they are able to manage day-to-day activities via the controls found in the Magento admin.

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