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Schuler Shoes

InteractOne was tasked with converting custom code from Magento 1 to Magento 2 & data migration

Schuler Shoes


Magento 2 Migration

In 1988 the Vincent Schuler family embarked on an endeavor to pursue the American dream by founding Schuler Shoes. As one store grew to many, one man’s dream became an undertaking across five generations to properly fit comfortable stylish footwear to the right person. Schuler Shoes’ rich heritage continues to build their future via their eCommerce website powered by Magento.

Our Services

  • Custom Magento Design & Development
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom Shipping Logic
  • Checkout Optimization
  • Personalized Location Information & Mapping

The Challenge

Schuler Shoes was operating on a customized version of Magento 1.14. Knowing that the end of life for Magento 1 is coming, Schuler Shoes decided they were ready to migrate to Magento 2.  In order to migrate to Magento 2.0, Schuler needed help converting their custom code from Magento 1 to Magento 2. In addition, Schuler needed a team that could assist their in-house developer with the Magento 2 data migration.

Schuler Shoes tasked InteractOne with converting their custom code from Magento 1 to Magento 2 as well as assisting in the Magento 2 data migration.

Our Solution

InteractOne successfully migrated Schuler Shoes from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Notably, we rewrote custom code for multiple custom modules which included:


  • Comments – The module creates a database table to store the responses generated from the frontend In-Store comments template. It also presents and admin panel with ACL to allow people from our retail team to check out and view the responses by percentages and date range.
  • Decimal Filter – The module runs a Magento cron job to automatically disable any product with decimal endings (i.e. .50 or .90) that are specified in the admin panel options added. It also disables any product with the catalog attribute “List Online” set to “No”.
  • Price Update – Magento cron job to select prices from a secondary database table created and updated by the RICS module and apply them to the products in Magento based on date ranges and scheduled pricing that RICS allows for in-store point of sale future pricing change setup. Also changes a few other attributes depending on settings and data in the price update.
  • RICS – This module provides endpoint URLs that RICS (the point of sale system) calls out to and sends JSON data with updates for product data, pricing, and inventory data.
  • Scheduled Blocks – This module allows Schuler to build out a list on the admin panel of which static block to display on the homepage slider by date. This helps Schuler to schedule changes over the course of events or seasons.
  • Gift Card Import – Magento cron job to import a csv file from the file system every five minutes, overwrite or add all codes to the Enterprise gift card module list in the database and then delete the import file.
  • In Store Quantity – This module enables a block to read specific catalog attributes and display the locations and particular product is available at after the proper configurable options are selected. Also makes options available in the admin panel to select attributes to read and modify thresholds for certain text.
  • PowerReviews – This enables the use the PowerReviews service on the product detail page including the user reviews, Q & A and inline SEO. Also enables blank CMS pages to collect user reviews and Q & A info.

Finally, we assisted Schuler Shoes with the M2 data migration. We worked with their in-house developer to map out the product data for over 100,000 SKUs. 100,000 skus is a lot of data for Magento. We successfully set up and configured the migration so that it would not timeout during the data migration which is a complex endeavor with the amount of data Schuler needed to migrate.

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