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Tarps Now

Anxious to improve their Search Engine rankings, Tarps Now reached out to InteractOne for help.


Tarps Now 

SEO Improvements

For over a decade, Tarps No has manufactured and sold tarps and covers. As one of the top online suppliers of tarps, they focus on making sure their products have a solid combination of convenience, service, quality and price. 

Tarps Now reached out to InteractOne to help improve their SEO efforts to increase organic traffic revenue. 

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Our Services


  • Custom Magento Design & Development
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom Shipping Logic
  • Checkout Optimization
  • Personalized Location Information & Mapping

The Challenge

Like many other companies, SEO rankings were one of Tarps Now’s top priorities. For many years, they chased after search engine rankings and paid for high volume search terms with little growth.

Ready to see the results they were looking and paying for, they reached out to InteractOne to help improve their SEO efforts and ranking.

Our Solution

InteractOne took over the Tarps Now website and SEO campaigns, and immediately began working to improve some crawlability issues and resolve some orphaned pages.

After resolving some technical SEO hindrances, we began focusing on long-tail search terms to find visitors who are deeper in the conversion funnel. Even though they are not at the top of the funnel, these types of users add significant value to organic traffic.

The Results

Organic traffic and revenue actually started to trend positively just one month after resolving the site’s crawlability issues. After four months of working with Tarps Now, we were able to show an increase in Year over Year organic traffic on their website of 83% and organic revenue of 122%. Organic traffic growth outpaced all other traffic sources in sessions, revenue and average order value by over 25%.

During our work, products and prices did not change, and we still were able to increase revenue and average order value. Tarps Now’s team members are happy to see their vision become a reality, and are able to reinvest more funds back into company growth given the higher profitability found in organic traffic over PPC.

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