Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) bring the App experience to all mobile customers.

The time to integrate is now.

All new and existing web shops should consider delivering their services as a Progressive Web App

60% of all current traffic is now coming from mobile devices. Which means that it is more crucial than ever that merchants provide the most seamless and enjoyable of mobile experiences. While a downloadable app is ideal for some businesses, a PWA may be a better fit for many.

A Progressive Web App (PWAs) is a website made to look and feel more like an app. Users will browse a PWA just like they normally would, on their browser, with a URL, but the experience they receive is one more akin to an app. PWA’s give the customer the full app experience and usability straight from a mobile browser, all without having to download and install the app itself. Some of the most popular and effective PWA’s currently in use are Starbucks and Uber.

Why does your site need a PWA?

  • Better user experience
  • Can increase conversion rate and overall revenue
  • Less costly to development and maintain than an app

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PWA stats merchants need to know

60% of all current traffic is now coming from mobile devices but Mobile only accounts for only 16% of total conversion.

Google reports that when an ecommerce store switches to a Progressive Web App, they generally witness a 20% boost in overall revenue

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