Migrate to Magento 2.2

Migrate to Magento 2.2 Now for Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce

We’re sure you’ve heard the pros of Magento 2. It’s faster, more secure, scalable and has better customization. But, there are plenty of highlights to talk about in Magento 2.2. Magento released version 2.2 of both Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce. The 2.2 update is filled with new speed and security enhancements detailed below.

Bundled Extensions. The new Magento Social extension allows you to connect your corporate Facebook account to your online store. The extension creates a product a page from your catalog.

Security Enhancements. Magento has removed unserialize calls and added protection of this functionality to increase resilience against dangerous code attacks. In addition, protection against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks has been added.

Upgraded Technology Stack. Magento now supports PHP 7.1 Varnish 5, and MySQL 5.7.

Pipeline Deployment. This creates a new way to deploy to production with minimum possible downtime.

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Indexing Improvements. Customers can browse on a storefront while indexers run without impacting user experience. To better manage memory and run times, long-running indexers operate in batches.

Cart Improvements. Customers can create a cart with more than 300 items, and merchants can process a cart with at least 300 items.

Varnish cache operations. Varnish cache now includes saint and grace mode to ensure Varnish is always presenting a cached page to customers. 

What’s New For Magento Commerce 2.2

While there are many updates for Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce, there are several specific to just Magento Commerce 2.2.  Notably, Magento Commerce 2.2 features include:

B2B Commerce Functionality. The new functionality allows companies to create and maintain their own accounts. Each with teams of buyers with various roles and levels of permission. It also includes a flexible API that will integrate with a variety of ERP solutions.

Magento Commerce Starter. Magento Cloud (Commerce) now comes in a smaller, platform-as-a-service version — Magento Commerce Starter.

Magento Commerce (Cloud) Improvements. The release includes new build and deployment variables. This includes ece-tools and ece-patches, that allow for patching your Magento Commerce (Cloud) without requiring a full installation of base code and the patch.

Signifyd Fraud Protection. The new service will help merchants eliminate liability for any losses or fees from fraudulent orders.

We recommend updating to either Magento Commerce 2.2 or Magento Open Source 2.2 as soon as possible. Both updates are packed with new features that will keep your website ahead of the pack.

As a Magento 2 certified partner, InteractOne can help you migrate to Magento 2.2!  Fill out the form to get started on your M2 project. Feel more comfortable talking to a real person? Call us to talk to a Magento expert at 513-469-3345.

Picking the Right Magento Partner for Your Magento 2.2 Migration

Migrating to Magento 2 is a great idea for your eCommerce business.

Like any important business decision, it’s best to approach the decision well-armed with information and confident in your partner. Having launched many Magento 1.x and M2 sites, we know the common elements of what creates the most successful Magento builds. Take a look at our clients to find out for yourself.

We’ve spent a lot of time studying and working in Magento 2. Watch our webinars below where we discuss the features of a Magento 2 migration as well as a data migration.

WEBINAR: Migrating to M2: Procedures, Practices and Pitfalls

FEATURING: Ryan Street, one of four global trainers for Magento U

Watch our webinar featuring InteractOne’s President and CEO, Brian Dwyer discusses what’s new in Magento 2 and plans for making the migration work. Ryan Street, one of four global trainers for Magento U discusses the migration process with tips for creating a migration plan, testing the migration and finally performing the migration via live demo. In addition, Ryan covers some best-practice examples, case studies and obstacles to avoid.

Magento 2 Extension Development - Part 1: Getting Set Up

migrate to magento 2

FEATURING: Ryan Street, one of four global trainers for Magento U

Learn about the steps necessary to start Magento 2 extension development including: assessing your extension goals, requirements for your environment, submission to Marketplace, software and tools for development and tips and tricks.

Magento 2 Extension Development - Part 2: Development

migrate to magento 2

FEATURING: Ryan Street, one of four global trainers for Magento U

Watch a live exercise of Ryan developing a real module that will be submitted to the Marketplace. Topics include real development using Magento 2 software best practices, common errors and how to address them, tips and shortcuts during development.

Magento 2 Extension Development - Part 3: Troubleshooting

migrate to magento 2

FEATURING: Ryan Street, one of four global trainers for Magento U

Learn about the submission process to the new Magento Marketplace, including setting up your Marketplace account, submitting a new extension and troubleshooting common errors. Watch as Ryan walks you through the process.