Magento Case Study: Med-Pass


As an industry-leading supplier of medical documentation, reference, and educational resources and supplies, MED-PASS looked to Magento and InteractOne to improve their users’ online shopping experience as well as provide the tools that they needed to fully manage and customize the very unique ways that their type of product is shopped.


Like each website project undertaken by InteractOne, Med-PASS’ re-platform began with an extensive Feature Exploration Process. This comprehensive effort ensures that priorities and requirements are fully outlined – avoiding unexpected and costly surprises. At InteractOne, we believe that a well-planned approach is the key to any smoothly executed website design project.

InteractOne’s multi-tiered plan for the Med-PASS website development project included creating a custom design style, custom categories and item page layouts, and dynamic item page layout per attribute set. These design elements would help users navigate the site easily and quickly find products that they needed, as well as related products.


Key business gains resulting from the MED-PASS re-platform project include:

  • Improved user shopping experience
  • Improved search performance and relevance
  • Fully customizable website ensuring ease of use and maintenance for new unique product development

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