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Digital Marketing is the perfect way to grow your eCommerce business.
Let us help you stand out.


SEO is making sure your site is search relevant, crawlable, and mobile-friendly.



Paid search is the fastest, most reliable way to drive targeted traffic to your website.



eMail enhances communications and encourages loyalty and repeat business.



Social media has emerged in recent years as a primary driver of online traffic.


The InteractOne Difference

Magento site owners have unique challenges when marketing and merchandising their sites. At InteractOne, we, help you apply the advantages inherent and available to you as a Magento merchant. Our marketing strategists are Magento Solutions Specialists who know the platform and take the time to get to know your business.

With InteractOne managing your digital marketing efforts, there is no need for a separate marketing agency. InteractOne provides Magento development, support, and maintenance as well as marketing services, resulting in more efficient implementation, productive results and a higher ROI.


Magento support and marketing collaboration go hand-in-hand

  • No more duplicate work, blind delegation, and extension-cluttered installations.
  • With one team, you can focus on running your business instead of playing middle-man.

Digital marketing is focused on customer acquisition and User Experience. At InteractOne, the development and marketing teams work seamlessly. You will benefit from the synergy that separate freelancers or agencies just don’t provide, and more assurance that your solutions will lead to sustained success.


We know how to set up Magento tools for SEO

  • We set up redirects, rewrite rules, and create proper sitemaps in Magento.
  • We use native Magento tools to rapidly optimize metadata and content.

As a Magento development and marketing agency, InteractOne performs SEO tasks on a daily basis, without even calling them marketing. Your digital marketer should know how your Magento catalog is structured, how menus are created and structured, and why it matters.


We know how Magento extensions work

  • You may not always need an extension.
  • We’ve seen extensions introduce bugs that were devilishly hard to track down and correct.
  • Extension reviews are good, but they don’t take your particular setup and installation into account.

Magento might already have the functionality you’re looking for. Additionally, installing unnecessary extensions adds overhead to your site and makes updates more time-consuming in the future.


We know Magento is not indestructible

  • We know site security and how it pertains to SEO is crucial for rankings.
  • Google can identify vulnerabilities and malicious scripts on your website, and show that information in search results.

Are your extensions and patches updated? We’ll know how to quickly find out if they’re causing problems with feature functionality or security.

As your Magento and marketing partner, we will help analyze your entire business and set realistic goals. We will evaluate your needs and interpret them into the best marketing and development solution. And with one partner for both Magento programming and digital marketing, you won’t waste your budget on duplicative activities.

An all-encompassing approach to Digital Marketing

InteractOne offers a full range of Internet marketing services, focused on improving any aspect of your sales funnel that requires attention. Our strategy encompasses everything we do. We learn about your business, customer demographic and product industry in order to provide the optimal combination of digital marketing components for you. We help our clients grow their business in practical and scalable ways with solutions that leverage a whole suite of digital marketing disciplines. Month over month and year over year, we are fanatical about growing your online market share, sales and profits.So whether you choose to one or all of our Digital Marketing Services, we are here to help market your entire brand.

Our process minimizes your risk and is focused on returning optimal results quickly. InteractOne collaboratively takes the lead from strategy through execution. We apply a strict test-and-learn approach that revolves around three core principles:

ATTRACT: Our multi-channel strategy pulls new visitors to your store and encourages lapsed visitors to return.  Tactics may include variants of Digital advertising including Paid Search, Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and Remarketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), eMail nurturing programs and Social Media marketing. The mix of these tactics is based on your unique situation and requirements, as well as your budget. We utilize your analytics data to make optimization recommendations to the marketing tactics based on your goals.

ENGAGE: Your site needs to convert traffic to its highest potential in order to grow your customer-base and maximize ROI. Our online merchandising and conversion rate optimization experts work  closely with the ATTRACT team to create a superior and seamless customer experience that encourages up-selling, cross-shopping, social selling and review-generated sales.

RETAIN: Every customer that you retain drives down your customer acquisition cost and jolts your overall profitability.  Giving your customers reasons and the desire to return is a challenge that is worth more attention than most online businesses are willing to give. InteractOne grows your lifetime customer value with remarketing, social engagement and creative fulfillment strategies that break through the noise and build loyalty. Rounding out the circle, our work in the RETAIN cycle feeds the ATTRACT process with the ability to analyze how customers originally discovered you, while continuing to build your brand.