Magento Google Shopping Feed

Google Shopping Ads for Magento

Google Shopping campaigns are paid ads for each specific product on your website, listed in search engine shopping results. The actual ad listings within shopping campaigns are called Product Listing Ads (PLAs). It’s common to see the shopping results highlighted or listed apart from the normal search results. 

PLAs are generated using a product feed from your website, submitted to the search engines. There is a lot of strategy InteractOne can help implement in your Magento product feeds, instead of just using the default feed. The quality of your product feed helps improve your click through rates, cost per click and overall conversion rate.

Optimizing your product feed sometimes requires customization to whatever product feed generator you’re currently using, or we can create a custom feed for more involved product data. Creating more dynamic ad titles with keywords from custom fields or product attributes creates more engaging ad titles than what a normal product feed generator can provide. Likewise, your product images can and should be optimized to help your ads stand out from the crowd.

Campaign Management and Testing

Uploading a product feed and setting up Google shopping campaigns for your Magento store are just the first steps. Since we are able to customize your product feed beyond your standard product names, we can test and tune your ad titles and images to get the highest click through rate possible for your shopping campaigns. Whether you’re using a quality Magento product feed extension for your Google Shopping campaigns or not, you most likely don’t have the time to manage them effectively and stay on top of what your competitors are doing.

In addition to the product feed quality and optimization, your shopping campaign and ad groups need to be setup properly for each product category with negative keywords and bid strategy being closely managed. You can use negative keywords to funnel specific search queries into specific ad groups and campaigns. Managing these optimization tactics closely allows you to decrease your wasted spend and increase your conversion rate since customers are being presented with exactly what they’re looking for.

We will manage your Magento Google Shopping campaigns to give your site an advantage over the other merchants that just setup a generic product feed and let it run. Continual optimization of product ads, product organization within campaigns and ad groups as well as the campaign strategies will keep your listings profitable and better than ‘the set it, forget it’ competition.

Need Help Optimizing those Google ads for Magento?