Magento Design

Magento design with business experience.

InteractOne designers and front-end programmers are continuously involved in building innovative and successful Magento design. Visual and UI teams work in close collaboration with our PHP, CSS and HTML engineers to ensure Magento designs are not only the standard-bearer for your brand, but easy on the user, quick-loading and adaptable for future changes.

Magento Design decisions need to be based on data.

Unless you sell one sku in a one-sku marketplace, all research into UI optimization is multivariate. Having many variables means complexity. Complex and custom Magento designed websites can yield confusing results when variables aren’t controlled.

We approach Magento design through best practices, testing and a thorough understanding of your store’s variables. This is the only way to make a final design valid and with purpose.

Taking a taste-based approach to design does not work.

As visual merchandisers found out through their brick and mortars, design makes an objective difference in how shoppers move through a store and experience the products. We must learn from their experience. We’re not knocking beautiful design; our perception of beautiful (or especially elegant) design can be an excellent guide to what works. This is where design meets the art of merchandising.

Design determines the User Interface, which results in the User Experience. If your products are priced and marketed competitively, then the choices you make around the design of your store are among the most determinant and predictive of the variables that you deal with.  Integrating both UI and UX through merchandising only increases your likelihood of success. This brings us to our tried and true plan for successful website design.

Start your Magento Design plans today.

    InteractOne's Plan for successful Website Design
    User Interface Design (UI)When it comes to our front end developers building your website pages, we consider everything included in the environment or design of the shopping space. We think of everything including how all the content, colors, buttons, arrows and graphics are arranged and defined in your store. Every page, every step in a purchase, has a UI – how good the UI is determines everything!
    User Experience Design (UX)We plan with your customers in mind. We think about how customers participate and use your website, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use. We build based off measurements for increased conversion, time on page, upsell and traditional customer satisfaction metrics.
    eMerchandisingWe believe eMerchandising is the evolution and integration of the disciplines of UX/UI, brand management and design. The art of merchandising is not yet widely practiced in eCommerce. We employ a solid strategy that gives you the advantage over your competition.
    TestingWe test our design assumptions and variables to make sure that all the effort put into UI, UX and eMerchandising works. We want a site that is not only aesthetically pleasing but warrants our design work and provides a pleasing ROI.

    It’s smart to test. It’s smarter to know what to test.

    We know, testing isn’t initially thought of when it comes to Magento design. It’s just the logic in us that makes us test things. We want measurable success for our clients and we get that through planning and testing. Business results are designed. This is a truth of eCommerce that is not much talked about. Forward thinking is how we approach all aspects of our business and our plan for successful Magento design is no exception.

    The marketplace does not stand still. Has your site design kept up? Are you stuck with an unfinished or abandoned Magento design? Start planning your responsive or adaptive site redesign NOW – so that you have time to build, test and refine before that next promotion. Our UX/UI design team are retail and Magento specialists who can put their experience and intuition on your side. It’s never too late (or too early!) to design your next success.

    Let’s plan something creative that also works.