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Magento Services from InteractOne.

As one of Magento’s oldest partners, we know Magento. We can build from the ground up or finish what you’ve started. We have on-shore support, so no more call center hassles. We’ve worked on many specialized and complicated projects, with that comes great experience. Our proven strengths in Magento development, on-shore support and maintenance, as well as abandoned Magento sites will get your online business running full speed ahead. We offer clients a full range of Magento service options.

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Open your online store to endless possibilities.

Magento includes a strong arsenal of marketing and merchandising tools, superior search capabilities, call center functionality and the flexibility to create a site that caters to your specific customers. Magento services from InteractOne will enable you to take full advantage of what Magento has to offer.

In addition to an extensive suite of operational features, Magento provides businesses with unprecedented control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. As a Certified Magento Partner, InteractOne supports and customizes all versions of Magento to meet our clients’ creative and merchandising needs, technical capability and business requirements.

Why hiring a certified Magento developer is a good idea.

Magento is best in class when it comes to online store platforms.  Because the software is so robust, some merchants will overlook core features or low-bid a designer to modify code to work for their purposes.  Other merchants take tasks on themselves without really understanding the size and scope of Magento. Both scenarios lead to the deletion of key features and compromised crucial elements of Magento’s core. Merchants are left with broken sites that are unable to be updated. These poor decisions end up costing more in the long run. Save time, money and stress and hire a certified Magento Developer.

Magento 2

We love Magento 2 and all it has to offer. It’s faster, more secure, and includes an improved customization process just to name a few.  The all-new platform solves many of the scalability and swatch display limitations inherent in the current platform and Magento 2 extension developers are busy updating their code to fit the new Magento 2 API. Merchants with simple, unextended installations can upgrade now, but most Magento stores are more complex and may require a longer term strategy before upgrading. As a long time Magento partner, we’re very excited about Magento 2 and we’re ready to help you get there as soon as it makes sense.

Maintenance & Support

Spend more time building your online business. Spend less time trying to fix Magento on your own with someone you can’t rely on.  With our no Call Center policy, you get only Magento expert project managers and agile development from Magento Certified developers. With our flexible and scalable monthly packages. Reliable Magento Maintenance Support is critical to your business.

Magento Development

A strength of Magento web development is the variety of ways an application feature can be programmed. However, it’s not until the system architect understands the critical nature of each feature in relation to your business model can it be defined. An extensive series of interactions between your team and InteractOne will determine functionality needs and business goals for your Magento site up-front. Experience tells us process is the most efficient way to build an eCommerce platform to serve a business for many years.

Migration & Upgrades

Choosing a Magento migration or to upgrade to the latest version, can be a great idea for your eCommerce business. Like any crucial, complex technological decision, it is best to approach the decision well-armed with information and confident in your partner. Having launched many Magento sites, we know the common elements of what creates the most successful Magento migrations. While we’d like to take complete credit for the success stories, the truth is that your expectations, preparation and actions are as important to the project as our qualifications and expertise.

Magento Design

InteractOne designers and front-end programmers are continuously involved in building innovative and successful Magento designs. Visual and UI teams work in close collaboration with our PHP, CSS and HTML engineers to ensure designs are not only the standard-bearer for your brand, but easy on the user, quick-loading and adaptable for future changes.