The Time for B2B eCommerce is Now

A report from Forrester Research in 2017 estimated business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce transactions to reach $1.2 trillion by 2021. As these numbers climb, more and more B2B merchants are incorporating eCommerce into their business models. Our mission is to help distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers achieve their eCommerce goals through proven business practices and unmatched eCommerce solutions.

Successful B2B Companies Go Beyond

Now more than ever, B2B customers want a B2C experience. Below are some elements that B2B buyers have grown to expectif you aren’t checking these off, then you may need to reevaluate your site.


Superior Site Search

B2B buyers expect to quickly find what they are looking to purchase. For most of them, site search is the fastest way to search for what they need. Therefore it needs to be accurate and quickly load. 

Simple, Fast Buying

B2B customers are not leisure shoppers. They are buying with purpose because their jobs demand it. B2B users are focused on reducing cost through better pricing and increased efficiencies.


User-level Capabilities

B2B customers are businesses, often with hundreds or even thousands of buyers. This requires an eCommerce platform that can be customized to each business and each user.

Ongoing Service

Routinely use eCommerce analytics to study customers’ actions, such as what they shop for and how they arrived on your site. That valuable data gives insight into your sales and operations, allowing for more efficiency.

Magento is the #1 Platform for B2B

It’s a good thing we’re the Magento experts and we have the certifications to back it up. Our all-star team of Magento certified developers and marketing professionals can assist with a B2B site build, general maintenance, or marketing services.

Marketing Services to Meet Your Needs

Marketing to B2B customers has its own complexities and unique nuances. Longer buying cycles, multiple and distinct stakeholders with varying needs , and multiple “conversion” opportunities leading up to a sale, means for a different marketing sensibility. We get that and are skilled in developing marketing strategies and tactics that are effective for the B2B marketer.

Our B2B eCommerce Experience

Our team of seasoned developers has experience integrating with the major ERP systems and Magento B2B eCommerce. Here are a few examples of our B2B eCommerce work:

Our Process

Success demands that each step in the migration process be clearly outlined and regularly updated and reviewed. InteractOne assigns an experienced Project Manager to each M2 site build endeavor to liaise with the merchant’s team and manage the InteractOne development team throughout the life of the project, ensuring that the new site launches on time. Here is an overview of our proven  process:

1. Analysis

We begin by analyzing the requirements of the project and investigate the functionality and extensions in use on the current site.

2. Migration

We then implement the new site’s user interface and migrate order and customer data, product information, as well as custom modules.

3. Customization

We add any needed customizations and enhancements, then optimize the site structure for strong SEO and site performance.

4. Launch

Once quality has been assured, we go through a strenuous go-live process to launch the new site, while also beginning post-launch monitoring and support.

More Helpful Information

B2B eCommerce has grown so tremendously in the past few years that domain-specific insights can be hard to find. Below are some of our best B2B eCommerce blogs that touch on both marketing and development.

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