Small Businesses are Making the Most of Mobile Marketing

mcommerce with interactone shopping

Did you know 69% of small businesses consider mobile marketing to be crucial to their growth in the next five years? The problem is, a majority of them have yet to significantly employ mobile marketing tactics, according to a study of 500 U.S. small business owners by the online marketing firm Group Inc.

When it comes to small businesses and the motivation to hope from the desktop experience to a mobile friendly version of a digital marketing plan, there are many different motivations.

The top three are:

  1. At 38% to provide better service to existing customers
  2. 36% would like to attract more local customers
  3. While 34 % believe they will be able to gain a competitive advantage

A solid mobile shopping experience to your smartphone and tablet customers will make a huge difference at the end of the day. If you can present a mobile site or even an app (GASP!) giving clear calls to action that are easy to search you will find your mobile conversions and profits on the rise.

mcommerce with interactone

The #2 reason for mobile marketing motivations is to attract more local customers, what better way to this than to leverage your existing customers and allow them to share their experiences across the social ecosystem.

What are you doing with your mobile marketing? Are you leveraging your in-store experience? Do you let shoppers use a mobile wallet?

Having a great mobile experience is really simple, offer up engaging channel specific content, make it easy to buy what you want and finally, make it easy to share their outstand experience with their friends, followers and circles. If you can follow these simple steps you will be able to, not only capatilze on the exploding mobile channel, but you will set your eCommerce (or mCommerce since we are talking mobile) mobile experience up as an indispensable tool for your customers.