NEWS: EU Regulation Impacts Magento Payment Extensions Beginning 9/14/2019

NEWS: EU Regulation Impacts Magento Payment Extensions Beginning 9/14/2019

Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) for the European Union’s Payment Services Directive (PSD2) are scheduled to go into effect on September 14th, 2019.

If you are using Paypal, Braintree,, Cyberforce or eWay there are updates that must be made prior to September 14th to ensure that the launch of PSD2 does not result in your customer payments being declined.

The European Union’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD), also known as PSD2, contains RTS requirements, some that will begin to go into effect as early as September 14th, 2019. This new directive will have a significant compliance impact on most payment processing services when bank transfers and credit cards are being used in sales transactions with  customers in the EU.

Compliance with PSD2 is mandatory and the responsibility of any Merchant to whom the directive applies. It is the recommendation of InteractOne as well as Magento, that all Merchants review and understand this new directive. More specifically; Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements and updates for 3D Secure 2.0 (3DS).  

To learn more and to speak with one of our certified Magento specialists, please call us at  (513) 469-7042 or fill out our Contact page and a team member will be in touch with you shortly. 

InteractOne Selected as an Exclusive Alexa Integration Partner

InteractOne Selected as an Exclusive Alexa Integration Partner

We are proud to announce that InteractOne has been selected by Amazon as a partner for their new Alexa/Magento integration.

Amazon is now working with Magento merchants to integrate voice into their eCommerce platform’s capabilities. This new integration will allow for Magento merchants to offer their customers a more personalized and streamlined experience the moment they start their Amazon/Alexa shopping journey, including re-orders, wish lists and delivery notifications.

“This is a great opportunity for us,’ said Brian Dwyer, InteractOne Founder and CEO. ‘We’re thrilled that Amazon has the faith in our team of developers to choose InteractOne as an integration partner for this new and exciting Alexa endeavor.”

The InteractOne team has begun working with Magento clients on beta testing for this innovative integration. If you are interested in learning more or being a part of this great opportunity, then contact us on our website, or call us at (513) 469-3355 to speak with a team member directly.

Magento Imagine 2012 – Top Takeaways

Magento Imagine 2012 – Top Takeaways

I think everyone who attended would agree that Magento Imagine 2012 was a fantastic event.

While I did my best to cram my brain with every insightful and useful bit of information, the following items for me were the highlights.

  1. “People, Product, Profit … In that order” – Jim Fitzgibbon
  2. Responsive Design for Magento (one design, any device) – Brendan Falkowski (view presentation)
  3. Yes, Magento can scale – Daniel Potzinger (view presentation)

Jim Fitzgibbon told us how a culture of “”People, Product, Profit” propelled Four Seasons from being a small chain of hotels with 3 locations in Canada to a international first-class resort empire.  Four Seasons even goes so far as to invite their competition to come interview folks they are forced to layoff. “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” and “trust your employees”…this advise is highly valuable to anyone wishing to keep their top talent around and I’ve seen it work just was well for programmers as I’m sure it does for hotel staff.

With the proliferation of devices website are now viewed on, responsive design allows sites to simply respond to the display constraints of any device.  So instead of building apps or device specific websites, sites that are built using responsive design work for all devices no matter what the constraint.  Brendan, sign me up to buy your first Responsive Magento theme…I’m sold.

Daniel Potzinger showed us how a Magento installation leveraging the hosting power of Amazon EC2 can process 5,000 simultaneous requests while maintaining a overall affordable hosting cost….one word…sweet.

Checkout out the pictures wall

View from the 2012 NRF Big Show

View from the 2012 NRF Big Show

January 16 & 17- we participated in one of the largest retail trade shows in the United States, the National Retail Federation’s “Big Show” in New York.  The show was attended by over 25,000 retail professionals from around the globe, which was a new record for NRF and featured keynote addresses from respected industry professionals, as well as a presentation from President Bill Clinton.

A few observations from the Expo floor itself:

  • There were a significant number of hardware exhibitors
  • Several, not all, of the major eCommerce platforms were represented
  • Very few eCommerce site developers (as confirmed by attendees)
  • The whole concept of eCommerce site development, seemed out of reach for the small-to-medium size retailers we spoke to.

It seemed that a number of the middle-range retailers felt that developing a eCommerce platform for their organization was a multi-million dollar endeavor only available to the Walmart’s, Macy’s, and IBM’s of the world.

Setting your store front up with a Magento eCommerce platform is very cost-effective with options available for the large enterprising company all the way down to a retailer wanting to start out and a range of budget considerations to fit.

We are pleased to have participated in the National Retail Federation “Big Show” in January 2012 and are looking forward to our participation in the 2012 Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in Chicago this June; look for us in booth #905.  We will also participate in the 2012 Annual Summit of coming to Denver in September.






InteractOne is a proud member of the National Retail Federation and

Magento Enterprise Partner – InteractOne: Press Release

Magento Enterprise Partner – InteractOne: Press Release

magento enterprise partner

Local Web Developer Makes Foray Into Big-League E-Commerce

Local web developer InteractOne recently announced it has qualified as enterprise-level partner and certified developer with Magento, an elite e-commerce package. As a Magento Certified Developer, InteractOne can market and promote itself as a Magento Enterprise Partner to pursue and capture the growing market demand for Magento.

InteractOne, located in Blue Ash, Ohio, is one of the region’s largest developers of websites for small and medium-sized business. Magento, developed by Varien, Inc., is the fastest-growing open source e-commerce software, with more than 750,000 downloads.

Unlike the open source (free) version, Magento Enterprise is fee-based for businesses requiring a high level of support and sophisticated e-commerce features.

As a Magento Enterprise Partner, InteractOne receives support and backing from Varien in pursuing new business only available to partners focused on and committed to the Enterprise Edition.

“This opens doors for InteractOne to the larger e-commerce clients that may have been out of reach for us in the past,” said InteractOne President Brian Dwyer. “We have had the programming talent in place for some time, but Magento Enterprise puts a market-recognized tool in our hands.”

InteractOne has provided web development and Internet services to medium and small business since 1998. As the world goes online, we’ve helped many companies develop and establish very successful internet strategies, websites, and e-commerce sites. We focus on providing in-person, one-to-one service to businesses and organizations and are committed to ensuring that our clients receive careful attention and the highest quality when we plan, develop, design, and construct a website. Helping our clients succeed on the Internet is InteractOne’s primary objective. More information can be found at

Read more about Magento Enterprise Partner at:

enterprise-level partner and certified developer with Magento