Just announced from the Magento Commerce department, during the weekend of March 6th through March 8th the Magento.com family of websites will be undergoing routine maintenance.

During this time the following sites and services will be temporarily unavailable:

  • Magento.com My Account Pages
  • Help Center and Support Tickets
  • Magento U Training & Certification
  • Magento Partner Portal
  • Magento Forums
  • Magento Marketplace

We recommend that any training, developments or deployment that you have scheduled for these dates be rescheduled or reconsidered until maintenance has been completed.

Partners will still have access to on-going projects during the maintenance period via accounts.magento.cloud/user.

During this period, if you or your team requires support for a P1 issue that you would typically resolve by filing a Support Ticket, please contact us via our P1 Hotline : +1-310-945-1310.

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