How Your Content Marketing Strategy Effects SEO

An effective Content Marketing strategy is not isolated to your website, having a strategy looking at social media, blogging, white papers, and landing pages allow you to maximize your marketing efforts, while feeding search engines what they need to rank your links highly.

Keep in mind search engines are looking to create the best possible search engine results pages for the user base on the relevant information from their browser and connected social networks. You’ll hear talk of having an overly complicated SEO strategy, with questions as to how you will get your page to page 1, and how you will keep your links competing for the top spot. In reality using content creation and curation as your strategy in the current state of search you will benefite from crating visitor-friendly pages and experience, thus increasing your rankings; regardless of browser history.

In the infographic below 92% of marketers say content creation is “very” to “somewhat” effective for SEO. 40% of those site whitepapers as a very effective tool. Using whitepapers allows you to get a good amount of targeted content in front of visitors in one sitting to help them along in the consideration of making a purchase, booking a trip or following through on your set conversion.

When asked on if Google give more weight to brands in ranking, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, says, “Try to make a site that is so fantastic you become an authority in your niche.”

What he is saying, is by focusing on giving visitors the best content available you will be rewarded by Google for being the authority on the topic in question. If you have the best product on the market, and are finding you are continually failing on a top placement, you are probably not flexing your authoritative muscles in your category. Shift your focus to what you area saying about your product, and say it great and you’ll be rewarded.

To find out more about why Content for SEO is so important check out the inforgraphic below:

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