Google-Tag-Manager-300x230As an agency that does Magento development and online marketing for a variety of sites, Google’s new Tag Manager is going to be quite the blessing.

We understand the problems getting IT time and resources to get things like tag installs completed. Sometimes it can take weeks for the simplest tag.

Now you can use Google’s new Tag Manager as the solution to getting tags installed in a more timely manner and from there you can handle the rest.

As of late last week we did just that on our own site to test out Google Tag Manager to see how it works, all we’ve added so far is the analytics tag and so far it is working as intended.

This should also make the IT guys a tad more comfortable, because there is version control built in Tag Manager, and if by chance something blows up it’s as easy as going back to the last version.

Google says, “the only tags that won’t work are synchronously loading tags or tags with the “document.write ()” code.

The best part about Google is they have the easy mode and they have many variables for more advances users to fire tags in different orders, the ability to work with dynamic pages like one page checkout processes to track events and a whole lot more.

Here are a few resources to make your life a little simpler.

For you WordPress users here’s the plug-in we’ve used for Tag Manager

As stated earlier we do a lot of custom Magento work, but haven’t installed it on any Magento sites just yet, however here’s a couple plug-ins we found to help.

  1. Magento Plug-In
  2. Yireo Google Tag Manager plug-in For Magento

We haven’t tested either one of these at this point, but have a client that is interested in using the new Tag manager.

You can go here and sign up to get started using Tag Manager today! Make sure you check out the developers guide for advanced options before getting started.