What is so important about Inbound Marketing?

We all want to make the most of our marketing funnel, but you need to understand the consideration of visitors, leads, prospects and customers. The infographic below shows how by, earning the attention of prospects and making it easy to find you and your products can you draw more customers to your website. The key to all of this is producing the kinds relevant and engaging content your customers value.

I know one of my biggest complaints about most eCommerce websites is the lack of quality content on the page. Relevant content for your customers can be as simple as a quick video describing or review the product on page. Zappos and REI do a great job putting a personal face on think kind of Owned Media. The Zappos and REI associates introduce themselves and then describe what is great about the product and why it is great for you all in less than two minutes.

These quick hit videos give visitors a personal connection to the product AND the seller, allowing you to see the product either in use or in real life, not just some beauty shot, to help you decide if what you are looking at is a must have. As an inbound marketing strategy goes, this is pretty brilliant. It gives visitors a video to interact with, a relevant landing page, and nurtures the visitor into a lead, let’s Zappos measure the interaction with each video to see what works best to help with the conversion. Using the right kind of CRM technology and analytic package Zappos could even follow up with an email to non-converts who did not view the video with a video embed in the communication.

Our Internet Marketing and Web Development teams here at InteractOne we can help you plan and execute your Inbound Marketing strategy from both the customer facing and back end development of your site to help turn visitors into customers.

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inbound marketing funnel infographic