2018 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing takes a giant leap forward with each passing year to help businesses of all kinds generate new customers and increase revenue. Below are some of the top trends digital marketers will be using in 2018.

Five 2018 Digital Marketing trends to try in the new year.

1. Create a content series

If there’s one thing businesses have learned with respect to digital marketing, it’s that creating good content is really, really hard. You need an aim, a purpose, motivation, and good creative skills.

A great way to give your content marketing campaign direction and bring users back is to create a content series. Practical Ecommerce article explains how this strategy can keep your audience engaged:

“While it may be beyond your business’s means to create a streaming video service, you can produce original content, publish it on a regular schedule, and use it to keep your audience of potential customers engaged. In 2018, create a series of podcasts, videos, or even books. Publish them on a predictable schedule, and create a following for your content and your business.”

A content series gives consumers something to look forward to. You’re able to go more in-depth with each episode, and consumers can always catch up by starting at the beginning of the series.

2. Go mobile-friendly

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website by now, then you’ve likely already driven thousands of leads away from your business. Mobile users have no patience for slow, clunky sites that were clearly designed for desktops.

We always knew that at some point, the average business would have to prioritize mobile over desktop when it comes to website design. We think that point will come in 2018. Especially if your target audience is young, consider designing your site for smartphones and tablets first and worrying about desktops later.

3. Invest in Instagram

Facebook has been the go-to social media site for marketers for years. That might finally change in 2018.

Instagram is showing no signs of slowing down. This Entrepreneur article predicts it to become the most important channel for brands in the new year:

“In 2017, Instagram announced that approximately 800 million people use the platform each month. Their latest tool, Instagram Stories, became more popular than Snapchat just one year after going live. Since brands tend to see better engagement on Instagram than any other social media platform, and because of great advertising controls, Instagram is poised to become the go-to channel for brands interested in social media marketing.

“Instagram has everything: pictures, videos, stories, influencers, ads, and so on. It passed Twitter long ago and is now creeping up on Facebook.

As an added bonus, Instagram lets you send DMs to anyone. It’s perfect for generating leads and getting in touch with influencers.

4. Create more videos

There’s a reason why so many businesses are investing in video marketing. Videos are engaging, immersive, and great content to share on social media.

We expect that trend to continue in 2018. Create some room in your budget to create a video and put it on your homepage. You can also combine this strategy with the content series. By creating short, informative videos with professional editing, you can increase your brand awareness and establish credibility.

5. Get a chatbot

Many marketers are predicting chatbots to become widespread in the upcoming year. You’ve probably already interacted with one before. Typically, they’re set to trigger after a user spends a few seconds on a website. They are then prompted to contact the business.

Chatbots are either powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or real people. Either way, they’re great for getting in touch with leads and prompting them to contact your business.

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