For this month’s Orange Report, we’ve gathered some Magento 2 news and extensions worth talking about. Like always, we encourage everyone using Magento to make the most of it’s functionalities by incorporating the very best Magento extensions and news. So we have created the monthly Orange Report to keep ourselves up to date and to recognize some of our favorite Magento news and extensions.

MatrixRate Shipping For Magento 2

With MatrixRate you have the ability to offer multiple shipping options based on location. Its powerful functionality allows you to define different shipping rates according to destination, shipping method and the weight, price or quantity of an item.

Maintenance and Support for Magento

Are you lacking in the qualified Magento support department?  With customizable packages available, we are able to meet your Magento Maintenance and Support needs.

Powerful PageBuilder for Magento

BlueFoot is a powerful set of tools to help you create and manage content on your Magento store.

RJMetrics + Magento

With RJMetrics, you can combine your Magento data with other sources to gain new insights like tracking your Marketing ROI.

One-click bulk order processing

Invoice and mark all orders as shipped with one click from the Order Overview Screen. This makes handling large order volumes a breeze.

POS Extension For Magento

The 1st Magento 2 Web POS extension tailored for your business.
Magento version updated. POS features revolutionized. Support service enhanced.

Store Credit Extension for Magento 2

No need to wait for a special occasion to give customers a small gift, you can send customers Store Credit to their account directly with a warm letter on a rainy day.