For this month’s Orange Report, we’re resolving your speed, accessibility and customer care concerns. Like always, we encourage everyone using Magento to make the most of it’s functionalities by incorporating the very best Magento extensions and news. So we have created the monthly Orange Report to keep ourselves up to date and to recognize some of our favorite Magento news and extensions.

Dotmailer - eMail for Magento

dotmailer is a leading email automation platform with a mission to empower marketers with the tools that make it easy to get dramatic results. dotmailer provides the most feature rich Magento integration for Magento 1 & 2, and is a global company with offices in New York, London, Europe and APAC with in-house Magento development, services and support teams.

Unirgy – uRapidFlow Sales

For years, uRapidFlow has been the go-to solution for import and export of Magento catalog and customer data; we have installed it for many of our clients. Now, Unirgy applies the same approach to sales and financial data import and export. The new extension, just released in July, promises expanded control versus Magento’s default export and reporting capabilities, as well as potential streamlining of migrations from other platforms to Magento.

iDevDirect – iDevAffiliate

Affiliate relationships can be difficult to manage, so a tool that tracks, reports, and automates incentives could help boost the profitability of this business approach. iDev includes per-product and coupon code commissioning as well as monitoring of traffic and SEO gains from the affiliate promotions. Can be deployed as installed software or a cloud service.

Amasty - Multi Warehouse Inventory

“Multi-Warehouse” might, in your case, mean multiple stores. No matter how humble your situation, multi-location inventory management presents challenges for efficient and accurate POS, eCommerce, shipping and redistribution, since Magento doesn’t provide multi-warehouse functionality. Amasty’s extension fills the gap with the ability to assign custom shipping rates by location and other advanced stock management options.

WebShopApps - MatrixRate

Speaking of shipping … to get the best rates, a merchant might need to consider size thresholds for one carrier, weight limitations for another and pricing implications for all of them. MatrixRate provides an interface to set up your negotiated and standard rates and can filter prices by destination, weight, price or quantity.